Old School Valentines – Let’s Bring Them Back!

Remember when you were in second grade and you exchanged Valentine Cards with your class? I remember we made mailboxes out of construction paper and then we ran around like freaks when the teacher gave us permission to deliver our cards. Truth be told we were probably also super high on sugar from the cookies and cupcakes that our moms made for our class…and some dads too, I’m sure, but it was the 70’s. Opening our cards was so exciting. It’s funny how simple things brought us so much joy when we were kids.

With that feeling in mind, here is today’s February Love Challenge; let’s send or drop off real Valentine Cards to friends and loved ones; they can be homemade or you can buy them, whateves.

In this high tech world, I think getting an old school Valentine Card is an awesome idea! Especially when we are struggling to stay connected. I think it’s an easy and fun way to make someone’s day.

So think of your list strategically, anyone living alone, an elderly, a gloomy teenager, your friends young children…they can by mushy or funny.

These cards above inspired me to send old school cards and to write this post. They are soooo cool, you write a message on the heart and then you stick the gold heart over your message. What’s so cool about that? Well, the card becomes a scratch card!! You scratch the gold off to reveal the message.

The only way these could be cooler would be if they were a scratch n sniff! Lol

Surprise, surprise, mine will be a little sassy. Some are not appropriate to share with you. 😳

Can I share one more childhood memory?? Who remembers going to Shoppers Drug Mart or Woolco with your parents to pick out the box of cards for your class?? There were only like 6 different designs so you got multiples of the same card, but you didn’t care.

So let’s be extra nice to each other leading up to VDay! Let’s do little extra nice things, it has already been a long winter and we are only the second week of February. ❤️

Disclaimer: I don’t want my posts to come off as if I am the most thoughtful person and always nice. Truth be told I swear like a sailor and I was really tempted to send a few cards that said: You suck!!! But I figured they know they suck, they don’t need me telling them they suck, lol. Just keeping it real here, lol.

Thanks for reading!



Behind the Scenes

I’ve been adding behind the scenes to a few of my posts; now that my posts are easier to leave comments on, let me know if you like them or if you think they are lame, lol.

Fun fact, my most popular posts have my face on them, lol, so I try to keep things interesting and fresh.

I love photography, being behind the camera, as well as, in front of it. For this post I wanted to add hot pink glitter to my lips, since it’s Valentine’s and all. I’ve seen that done before and thought it looked cool.

Turns out my glitter was too fine so it just looks like extra shiny gloss, unless you got this close up to me, lol. I am not smiling in any of the pics, because I had glitter on my teeth and eventually on my tongue.

Let me know if you think you will be sending a few old school cards this year? You have a week to get your shit together and do it! Lol, it’s just a nice thing to do, unless you suck! If that is the case, you don’t need to do nice things for anyone, lol.

Lastly, I dropped my cards off Saturday, so a full week before Valentine’s Day since I think we should stretch out the love. And if you are my friend or family member and didn’t get a card, I am alternating who gets them, because there are just too many of you!! My fam alone is…well a lot! My box only had 18 cards.

Scroll all the way down for the comment section, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Trying to smile with my eyes, because my teeth were full of glitter



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