Paris is a city for lovers, but it’s also a great place to travel with one or your very best friends as well!

A Perfect Paris Day!

My friend Claudia and I booked our trip to Paris months and months ago on a whim. I had a few other trips and huge work projects right up to our departure date; so this chronic planner didn’t have much planned for Paris.


We got matching carry on cases because we are nerds. I usually check my bag, she shamed me into a carry on! Lol

Claudia is a great travel partner, she enjoys looking things up and finding fun things to do. It’s a treat for me to not be “in charge” from time to time.

We kicked off our first full day in Paris sleeping in; this wasn’t planned, we were awake for a little over 24 hours the day we arrived. Side note, Las Vegas to Paris is far!!!

After being well rested we decided that we would spend our day  browsing, shopping and eating; pretty much in that order. This turned out to be the Perfect day in Paris!


The view from our hotel room. You can see the Eiffel Tower, I circled it in case you missed it!

Before anyone starts to get all  ”judgy” about how Paris is a city of great culture with museums and churches…let me share that both Claudia and I have been here before and have visited a lot of museums and churches!! And for the record; I think that roaming around a city is the perfect way to soak in the local culture. And shopping helps the local economy…you’re welcome Paris!! lol

Le Bon Marché

Moving on; in her research, Claudia found this place at Le Bon Marché that has a kiosk that welds gold bracelets to your wrist. That was our first stop of the day…well second actually, we stopped for chocolate croissants first. A girl got to eat and when in Paris, a girl got to eat chocolate croissants!


Le Bon Marché, what a beautiful place!

Le Bon Marché is a beautiful department store, full of high-end shops, some too high for my budget, but well worth visiting regardless.

We found l’Atelier VM on the first floor. It’s a small jewelry counter where you select your charm and chain; we chose matching dainty gold bracelet and a charm, I had an “l” engraved and she a “c”. We decided to splurge;  a special gift from us to us to celebrate our matching new promotions at work…we are sort of a big deal…now, lol.


L’Atelier VM

Once our jeweler engraved my charm, he placed my arms in a machine; I asked if anyone had ever lost a hand in it? I thought I was funny, I am not certain if he did or not?

Inside this machine, the ends of the chain were welded together. Which means there are no clasps and it can’t be taken off. I think this is the perfect way to celebrate a milestone with a great friend in a magical city!!

Le Marais

Our next stop we wanted to go to Le Marais, which is un cartier or hood with a lot of beautiful shops and restaurants; it is located in the Jewish district. Instead of taking the metro we took a taxi and I am glad we did because we were able to see more of the city.


Le Marais is in the Jewish district, this little man was adorable!

We had the taxi driver drop us off at Place des Vosges, as it looked to be in the heart of things. It’s the oldest planned square in Paris.


Did I mention there was a gelato place right near the square??? No? Sorry, my bad.

We happened upon Traiteur Boulangerie, the smell was intoxicating, we decided we needed to stop and share a latke.


Every cafe and boulangerie is picture perfect!

This is such an amazing area, I recommend getting lost in it. Don’t look for places, just happen upon them. We stumbled upon an old vintage clothing store, then a papeterie, where I bought lovely cards.

We spent 7 hours, exploring. We saw churches, where we admired the architecture. It was just a truly perfect day!!!

It was almost 9pm when we made it back to the hotel. Quick change for dinner and gone again. Every meal here so far has been amazing!!


Did I mention we did some shopping? The secret to not looking like a tourist is to wear all black. Some of our purchases…all black!!

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring. Sometimes the best plan is no plan!!


À plus tard!!







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