The Art of Aging

I am not sure there is an art to aging, but it sounds deeper and better than aging sucks, so going with that title.

Taken on my 51st birthday night! Also, this is me in full makeup, I even put blush on!!!

This post will focus on looks, not because I am super vain, I am moderately vain at best, but because when you get to a certain age, your looks start to morph and change, it’s kind of freaky.

Here’s a question for us to kick off this post; do you think men and woman age differently? My personal view is no, men and woman age at the same rate. Some people age really well and some, meh, not as well, but I don’t think it’s about their sex. It’s more about their genes and less of what’s in their jeans, lol.

I do however think that society is harder on woman as they age. Actually, I think that society is harder on woman at any age!! Yup, I said it.

That being said, I can just imagine how traumatic it is for some men when they start to lose their hair, but hey society has now decided that bald is sexy, so there’s that. Can we get a petition started to make muffin tops sexy?? That’s a good idea right??

I’ve always been open and unbothered about sharing my age; I am 50 and I’ll be 50 until Wednesday, when I turn 51. I am not going to lie, 51 sounds old!! 😳 (footnote, I am now 51).

I‘ve never really understood why people lie about their age? I’d rather be a young looking 50 year old than an old looking 43 year old, lol.

The 90/10 on aging (very none scientific)

I consider myself fortunate, both my parents aged well. I think that 90% of how we age is genetic, so that would mean that 10% is controllable or manageable. Full disclosure this is just my own personal theory, I am not an expert of any kind…like any.

Being from a Nordic country, then moving to the desert, I do think I have a unique insight on the affects of the sun on your skin.

When I first moved to Las Vegas, I did notice that I looked, or felt like I looked, the same age as people 5 to 10 years younger than me. I was fascinated by how old people were, until my friend Claudia told me to stop asking people how old they were. In my defense I was asking in a polite, sly kind of way.

Sun exposure and the lack of humidity for sure has an affect on your skin. Do you know what else the sun does to your skin? It can give you skin cancer!! Which is exactly what happened to me after three years of living in Las Vegas.

It was like a little desert parting gift, that I could have honestly done without. I was lucky it was the common, treatable kind. My Canadian skin just wasn’t meant for that much sun.

I did write a blog post called: You’re So Vain, about my experience, the abbreviated recap is that having a chunk cut off the top of your nose was traumatic, but turns out my genes are also great at healing. But seriously, it did have an impact on me, just think how you feel when you were younger and you would get a big zit, well, this was 100 times worse, plus anytime you hear the c word, is scary.

I had just gotten my hair done, I was hoping that nice hair would detract from my nose, not sure it worked??

The pic above was a few days after my surgery and here’s a fun fact; I am calling out my Vegas friends here for being big fat liars! “Liette it’s not that bad, you can hardly tell.” That’s what everyone told me. But as soon as I landed in Moncton, I was hit in the face with the reality of my situation; the Sobey’s lady, “omg are you ok? What happened to your face?” Random guy at work: “what did the other guy look like?” I could go on! Who knew Monctonians were so brutally honest?

But it is amazing how your body can heal itself, my scar is now barely noticeable.

How’s your aging going?

I’ve noticed that you can go years without seeing any major aging then, bam! Overnight, you’ve aged, if anyone knows how that happens, please let me know.

I just hit a point where that has happened with me, I am noticing new lines and things shifting. I’ve had to change my eyeliner because the one I was using started to leave marks on my top lids, my eyelids must be sagging a bit? The top part of my eyelids are now somehow touching my eyeliner? I guess those didn’t used to touch before?

The other things I have noticed are lines around my mouth, thank god I never smoked!! I think it’s because my lips are full and the skin around is losing its elasticity?? I have a scrub that I regularly use and have an oil that I slap on nightly and it seems to be helping!

Keeping everything hydrated seems to help, so that’s what I’ve been focusing on. Aging for me has meant heavier creams and oils. When creams and products say that they reduce the look of…, it’s because it’s helping to hydrate your skin, keep things as moist as possible!! (I am not a dermatologist).

Being too thin = wrinkles

Someone recently made a comment to me that I didn’t have a lot of wrinkles and what’s my big secret? Well besides my genes and trying to stay hydrated, my secret is my weight.

Years ago I watched an interview of Meryl Streep, where she said that at a certain age a woman need to choose between her ass or her face? If you are super thin and have a nice cute butt, the chances are your face is going to be thin and you will have more wrinkles, than if you carry a bit of extra weight. If you aren’t super thin, your face is fuller and voilà, less wrinkles!

I 100% know this to be true, for me anyway. So that’s my big secret, go eat a sandwich!! 🤣🤣

Ok I was with my brother today, he’s four years younger than me, we both look like my dad, but he is long and lean, the little brat!! Anyway, I kept checking out his face to see if I could use him to prove my theory. And I can report that, I think my theory is correct!! We have the same genes and he has a few more wrinkles than me, because he is skinnier.

Do I look like his younger sister? Meh, probably not, he looks pretty good, don’t tell him I said that, he doesn’t read my blogs; but we could probably, absolutely, possibly pass for the same age!! Lol

Regular Maintenance

I think that we need to take care of our skin; do you remember when you were 14 or so and your mother told you to take care of your skin? She knew what she was talking about, but did we listen? Not really, do we wish we had listen to her? Yes!!

I am all for regular skin maintenance, I now go for regular facials, I go every 5 weeks, I find it helps my skin stay hydrated.

And since I am fair and lived in the desert, I decided to get a few things zapped a few months ago. Phase one was to zap spots that had an inconsistent texture. I am certain, no one but me noticed any of these, but I did and since I’ve had skin cancer, I am now hyper aware of every spot or freckle. Phase two was going to be to get a few sun spots lasered.

First pic to the left was the day after being zapped, my face was swollen, then the spots turned red, crusty and fell off, sorry that’s a bit gross, but whateves.

I’ve put phase two on hold, because any freckles or spots on my face seem to be under control, for now, but I am monitoring!!

I am not opposed to getting “work” done, I’ve never gotten any fillers and never say never, but I don’t like that look. And frankly my face is plenty full enough naturally, which is turning out to be a blessing.

I’ve tried Botox a few times and if done well, it can help, but I think your face should move. I would love to try the new laser treatments that stimulate your own collagen and firm shit up.

I guess everything in moderation is my motto.

I don’t think that a 50 year old should look like a 20 year old and if that is your goal, you are fighting a losing battle my friend. I’d rather be a 50 year old who looks fresh and well rested!

Someone made the comment that she felt her looks were fading, which made me sad. I don’t feel like I am fading. I refuse to fade, but things are definitely shifting and that’s ok.

Having the opportunity to age is a gift, one of my cousins mentioned that she is now older than her mother was when she passed away. The thought of that was freaky, it also made me feel really sad for my aunt, she didn’t get the opportunity to “grow old”.

Will I be growing old gracefully? I am not sure I was all that graceful as a young woman, so the chances of being a graceful older woman may not be in the cards for me? Lol

But I refuse to fade, I will fight and stumble my way through the next few phases of my life and be thankful that I am still able to get up.

Curious to hear what your thoughts are on your aging process? I stuck to just the face, aging body issues would have been too long!! 🤣

Thanks for readying, be kind to yourself!



Oh and can we try to keep the crazy photo filters to a minimum? I’ve adjusted the lighting, when they are a bit dark, but I am pretty good at finding great lighting. Some filters out there are ridiculous, so let’s ease up on those.






  • Nancy Bulman says:

    LIette what a great writer you are – for a young lady/gal that you are, hope other 50 year old friends, family and acquaintances enjoy. You are right on — mature comfortably. Being 77 years old myself your writing/ opinions are right on and your parents helped instill a self beauty in yourself. Some mornings you may not like what you see in the mirror but most times you will love yourself, that is not selfish!

  • Louise says:

    Love your blog it is always true and funny
    Keep up great work to keep us up on our feet
    Aging lol me Big number this year weird because I feel like we are catching up to our parents age lol

  • Nadia Robichaud says:

    Love this post, Liette! I so enjoy opening your blog on Saturday mornings to catch up on your latest or re-read the past ones. Today, I’m reminded to get a dermatologist appointment to check for sun damage (can’t BELIEVE baby oil was what I used in my teens at the little beach in Barachois), and to enjoy every bite of my sandwich!

    Cheers friend! You are so very awesome!

    • oui-liette says:

      No more baby oil!!!! Lol. I am on the hunt for a few summer hats, it’s finally starting to feel like summer is coming. Hope you guys are enjoying your spring!!!

  • Carolyn Roberge says:

    Great article Liette. You are absolutely right, growing old is a privilege. At age 41 I lost my husband, he was 48. Like you, I’m 51, I see many changes in skin, my body etc. I also aim look like a fresh 50+-year-old rather than trying to look younger. I don’t use camera filters, but I do use flattering light. ( Though it’s kinda the same thing in the end) I’m practicing face yoga and trying to care for my skin, like you mentioned, keeping hydrated and using serum, oils etc. ( Which I never did in the past). My turkey neck is one thing I’d love to reverse, not sure that’s possible without surgery, but I’m giving my best effort. If it doesn’t work, I’m more than capable of accepting it! Thanks for the great read! xox

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