Taco Any Day! Entertaining Tips.

Why should Tuesday’s have all the taco fun? With most of us working from home and kids going back to school…ish, I feel that we need to take advantage of any excuse to spend time with friends…and tacos!

Let me start by saying that our region of Atlantic Canada is one of the safest places on earth at the moment, we’re allowed to meet friends in restaurants, sans mask, and gather at home with friends; no rules were broken in the making of this post.

I blog a lot about entertaining and how it’s more important to get out and spend time with loved ones than it is to be the perfect host, with the perfect menu for your perfect friends. My friends are awesome, but they are far from perfect, thank goodness, how boring would that be?

Taco Night Out

For my Taco night out, I was joined by Kenda and Stacey; two of us have been working from home alone and two of us have been grounded and unable to do our normal jobs of flying all over the place. I felt we needed some girl time…and tacos. I thought about hosting a taco dinner at my place, but to be honest, I am getting so sick of being in my condo!!


So why not host a small intimate dinner party at our local Mexican restaurant? Where we just needed to show up and have someone serve us tacos and daiquiris, it really was a no brainer.

To make it a bit more fun, I brought a bunch of flower clips and headbands, why? Why the hell not? It annoys one of my friends that I theme, pretty much everything, but I honestly don’t care. She’s a fairly good sport, most of the time.


Our Taco Any Day night was on Monday, it was an awesome way to kick off our week! We bought a few items and shared and stayed out until 9pm!! Just a bunch of wild woman out on a Monday!! Lol

Taco Any Day, at home

You don’t have to go out for Mexican, you can make it at home apparently, lol. My cousin Nicole, yes another cousin, I wasn’t exaggerating when I said I have a lot of them, treated us to a Saturday night Mexican feast.

We’ve unintentionally started a monthly Saturday night group dinner, where we take turns hosting. We help each other prepare the meal, so we’re learning how to make new recipes and then we get to share a meal together, it’s awesome!

This week we helped make Mexican street corn and shrimp tacos with homemade pico de galo; it was delish!!!

Fresh jalapeños!!!

We got fresh supplies from The Green Pig Country Market in Salisbury; everything tastes better with fresh locally grown products.

Ok these may not be the prettiest Mexican Street corns, but man, they were tasty!

This was my very first Mexican Street Corn, it was so easy to make and so yummy! It’s sour cream, mayo, cheese, cilantro and a few different spices.



The trick to making delish shrimp tacos, or any kind of tacos, is to buy corn tortillas and fry them in a pan with a good two cups of peanut oil, until they are crunchy. Take them out of the oil and place on a plate with paper towels in order to soak up the excess oils. Omg they were sooooooo good!!

If you want to step up your game and make your table a little fancy, add a cactus or two and some colourful flowers! This would be such a pretty baby shower or birthday theme.


I am pretty confident that my cousin Nicole is the best Acadian taco maker…in Moncton…who is related to me!

Halloween Taco Party!

With Halloween right around the corner, why not have a Day of the Dead celebration with a full out taco bar?

The Day of the Dead is officially on Nov 2; it sounds like it would be a sad event, but it’s a way to celebrate the lives of those who have passed. It’s a day where families welcome the souls of their deceased relatives for a brief celebration of food and drinks.

Being in Mexico for the Day of the Dead is one of the items on my bucket list. It sounds and looks like such a beautiful celebration. With that in mind, it’s a perfect way to spend the evening with friends and family to toast and celebrate those we love who have passed and while you are at it, you should make it a dress up night, obvs. Suggest your guests come with a painted sugar skull face.

How cute is this charcuterie board? Dress it up with nachos chips and dipping sauces.

The decor would be easy, a black tablecloth with lots of sculls and big fat red roses!

Here is my homage to a sugar skull makeup, below, not sure I did it justice, but did my best. Imagine everyone showing up with their version of a sugar skull for a feast and celebration!!

I usually hate when I get red eyes in pics, but I think it looks cool here.

In closing, if you need an excuse or a theme in order to meet your friends on a Monday night, or to invite people over to your place for a home cooked meal, or even a reason to celebrate in and around Halloween; TACOS!!!

Thank you for reading!!

And since travel is limited now, here’s another little taste of Mexico, that I posted a few years back.




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