Summerfy Your Wardrobe!

The 5 key pieces that will help update your wardrobe this summer!

Do you have that friend who always looks super cute and put together? Their style isn’t flashy, but they look expensive and effortless.

I have two such friends, one in Vegas, Claudia, calling you out and my cousin Nicole. My cousin and I recently took a mini road trip to Northern New Brunswick, we are still not able to travel outside of NB without having to quarantine for two weeks upon our return, so we ventured up north to explore.

She showed up looking super summery cute and I was in my jeans and black t-shirt, which is pretty much all I wear.

I’ve asked her to help me update my summer look and since I’m a nice person I thought I would share her top 5 must haves with you…you’re welcome!

She says the key is to have great basic pieces. She stays away from fads, she splurging only when she knows she will get years of wear out of a special piece. But she loves doing research and knows when things will go on sale, so she gets great deals.

She’s currently loving Korean street wear, which is a very minimal easy look…apparently. I am pretty sure she’s talking about South Korea, not North, lol. I asked her for an example since I am not sure what Korean Street Wear is.

Korean Street Wear (I am told)

She was excited to help me and within a matter of a few minutes she was sending me links to her fav shopping sites with her recommendations of what she thought would be flattering on me.

I keep telling her she should hire herself out to do closet makeovers! But she isn’t convinced people in Moncton would pay for that service? She’s been living in Toronto for decades, but she’s back. I do think there is a market for that here, but in the meantime she’s helping me.

Nic’s Top Picks

White Sneakers

This summers must is a nice pair of white sneakers, pair them with a jean, shorts, leggings, a skirt or casual dress.

Top are Adidas, bottom left are Veja and bottom right are Nike

I just chose and ordered these!

A Linen, men’s style shirt

So I met her for brunch a few weeks ago and she was wearing a pale blue linen shirt with jeans; again she showed up looking cute and casually chic. She shared that she’s had the same white linen blouse for a few summers and just got a new blue one.

Sunday brunch chic

A good linen shirt can be worn open, with tank under, with a sports bra and a few buttons undone, with jeans, leggings or even as a beach cover up.

I just ordered this one below. My first instinct was to go for the dark gray, but she suggested this colour.

I don’t own anything in this color, so I am excited to try it on. She suggested I wear either a long gold chain or a few layered short ones.

Side note, since living in the desert, I now love, love, love linen. I have a super cute linen dress that I’ve had for a few years that I will pair with my new white sneakers.

A good White T-Shirt

Apparently I should put my black t-shirts away until the fall. Not sure about that, but I will add at least one white one to my rotation. Splurge on a good quality one that will last the summer without losing its shape.

She added that I could also buy a pale blue or other coloured t’s. I’ll start with the white and go from there, lol.


I love jeans, I live in jeans, in addition to her white jeans, she just bought a neutral coloured pair for the summer. I have yet to find a pair of white jeans that I love.

She suggested these for me, they are a light wash, I will keep my eyes open for a stone or neutral pair.

She thinks I could pull these off since I am tall, I am not that tall, she is that short, lol. (I am 5’7 for the record)

Oh and her take on the mom jeans look, is that they are on their way out and 90’s jeans are becoming more popular, which is a straight leg jean. I knew the mom jean wouldn’t last!

A Trench Coat

Depending on where you live a good trench coat should be one of your staples, I am currently trench coatless.

She bought hers at Aritzia, during a triple sale, it’s an army green and if she wasn’t a XXS petite, I would steal it from her. She bought it a few seasons ago.

She says she dresses hers up or down, it’s very versatile.

I met my friend Stacey a few weeks ago for dinner and she was wearing a beautiful trench. I must ask her where she got hers? I think she said she’s had hers for a long time. Proof that a trench is a piece that you can invest a little money in and have it forever.

I don’t think I should rush into buying the first trench I see. I don’t believe in love at first trench! I will be on the hunt and will wait until I find one that I love. Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I like this one from Aritzia, but they don’t have my size, booo!! I’ll keep looking.

I am going to focus on these 5 staples to start with, I’ll post a few looks on my Instagram page once I get my items. And I may just have Nicole come to my house and physically go through my closet with me and help me put looks together and purge things that don’t work for me, and will never work for me, we all have a few of those items in our closets, lol.

My insta is: Oui-Liette follow if you want to see my fashion progress.



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