Summer Bucket List

I know summer officially starts on the 21st, but we just hit our first mini heatwave so I think we need to plan out our summer goals now.

I love making lists and planning things so I thought I would share my summer bucket list with you. I’d love to hear what’s on yours, leave me a comment below.

S’mores, but make them fancy

I am starting off with a really easy one. Chocolate, marshmallows and gram crackers are a summer bonfire staple, but I’ve tried to make them a little fancier, why? Mmm, just because.

I love these colourful marshmallows and to up my s’mores game, I also added fancy cookies.

This year, I’m all about using my good fancy dishes more, with that in mind, I added a few vintage serving plates to my s’mores buffet.

There are two kinds of people, those who carefully roast their marshmallows and those who set the damn things on fire!

I like to set my marshmallows on fire 🔥.

S’mores are messy, fun and delicious, the perfect treat to share with your family and friends.

Water Fun

Whether you’re an ocean, lake, river or pool person, dive in!

I love any and all water activities, I moved to the desert and bought a kayak for goodness sakes, lol. (if you live in Las Vegas, check out Willow Beach…you’re welcome)

This summer I plan to tube, kayak and boat. I am waiting for the Miramichi River to warm up a bit, my childhood BFF has a camp right on the river. My beaver and I will be heading up north soon. I didn’t get around to tubbing last summer, so this year it’s going to happen!

This is my beaver tube Lucille, I bought her in the US, but she is clearly Canadian. She’s looking forward to getting wet in the Miramichi River.

I have a kayaking outing planned for this Saturday in the Bay of Fundy; fun fact, apparently I say Funday instead of Fundy, trying to get that under control. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see my kayaking pics.

I love this pic, one of our outings a few years ago.

Next is boating, I need to get out on the ocean at least a few times this year, my friend Stacey is going to take me on out on their sailboat, so check, check and check!

My cousin B just sent this pic to me this week and I love it!

Flashback to boating in the 70’s with my cousins above, these are some of my cousins. I love, love, love having a big Acadian family. There are no life jackets in sight, I guess it was survival of the fittest. To be honest there were so many of us, it would have taken awhile to notice that one of us was missing. (I am kidding!!)

Do something different

I think it’s so easy to get stuck doing the same things over and over again, which isn’t necessarily bad. This summer, I challenged myself to find and do one different, unique and fun thing.

I’ve been on the lookout for such an event and thankfully my friend found one for us. We’ve booked four spots for dinner in a lavender field. It’s a bit extravagant, but sounds really fun.

After we booked our dinner, I came across another event that I am certain will be just as fabulous!

The Atlantic Ballet is hosting Ballet by the Ocean.

Tickets are a bit expensive, but it will be an amazing experience and it helps support the arts. And at this very moment we are still not able to travel freely, so splurge!!

You can find information on both of these events on their Facebook pages. Let me know if you come across other fun, fabulous things to do.

Canada Day!

Last summer we went to Glamcamp on Grand Lake, NB, the weekend leading up to Canada Day. We had so much fun that I decided that I would make this a new tradition.

Canada Day 2020, Glamcamp in Waterborough NB, loved it!!

Each summer on or around Canada Day, which is July 1, for my none Canadian readers, I will plan some sort of camping or glamping weekend.

This year we have a cabin booked in Fundy National Park. Being relatively close to a National Park is such a gift, these parks are for us so get out and take advantage of them!

We have a cabin like this booked, let’s hope these pics were taken in the winter. I am not into July snow. (for my none Canadian readers, this is a Canadian joke 🤣)

Flower Power

Fresh flowers make me happy so I’ve decided to make an effort to always have some in my home. This year and a half has been such a shit show, I need all the happiness enhancements I can find.

I started off with Tulips, grown locally on the island (PEI), from Stirling Farm Market in Moncton. They had the biggest, prettiest tulips I have ever seen and I loved that they were grown right here in the Maritimes.

I love this vase, it was a Salvation Army find.

For the past few weeks my place has been filled with lilacs, it’s the best smell ever!!

I am not certain if it’s because we had so much rain this spring or what, but the lilac trees/bushes this year are huge!!!

Lilacs in this part of the world are free! You just have to be nice to your neighbors and they will share theirs with you, if you don’t have a bush of your own. Or you can take a walk in an older, established neighborhoods, you’ll find lots ripe for the picking.

Those are my summer activity goals, but I am open to suggestions, please share if you have something fun planned.

Happy Summer! Be nice, get your vaccine so the world can get moving again and wear your sunscreen!!




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