Stuck in New Brunswick

For the last 15 years I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of having a job that has allowed me to travel to so many amazing places. But all that time on the road can become exhausting, so much so, that one can get really sick and tired of airports, living out of a suitcase and being surrounded by people in tiny airplanes. We’ll be careful what you wish for, I’ve now been grounded and stuck in NB for the last 15+ months!!

With our borders finally opening up again, I wanted to share what it’s been like to ride out a global pandemic here…in New Brunswick.

Some maybe wondering where the hell is New Brunswick? It’s one of the four Atlantic Canadian provinces. I live in Moncton which is the most populated city in the province with a whopping 160,000 ish people (includes Moncton and surrounding areas, like a lot of surrounding areas).

So how does one survive being stuck here for over a year? And what are the things that I’ve missed the most? I am glade you asked, I’ve listed a few things, just keep reading.

World Class Cuisine

One of the things that I love most about my job is that I’m used to eating in fancy, chic restaurants. I’ll admit that it did take my palette a few months to adjust to New Brunswick’s “basic” cuisine.

Fresh Lobster with homemade Ravioli


Seafood Risotto (fresh lobster, shrimp and scallops, like, fresh, fresh)

I mean really, how sophisticated can the food be in Canada’s least flashy province?

Lobster Roll eaten feet away from the fishing boat that fished it.


Snow Crab, eaten on a different wharf, again feet away from the crab fishing boats

Sure having a lobster roll and crab on the wharf feet away from fishing boats is kind of cool…I guess?

Fresh lobster and fresh shrimp cooked in lobster juice.

And I guess being able to ride my bike to the fish market to buy fresh oysters and shrimp is convenient.

NB, come for the fresh lobster, stay for the fresh oysters!!

Being able to buy the best lobster in the world from some random guy in a parking lot for less than a large pizza is just a bit too weird…right?

Alma Lobster

Wild Adventures

Ok so the food hasn’t been horrible, but what about fun adventures?

I mean, I’ve managed to keep myself kind of busy, it’s just too bad that there isn’t as many fun things to do here.

River walk with llamas at Llamazing Adventures


Kayaking the highest tides in the world on the Bay of Fundy


Ice fishing for smelts in Richibucto


Exploring frozen waterfalls on a random winter Sunday

Scenic Views

Ok, I’ve been able to keep myself pretty busy, but I do miss seeing pretty things; NB is sooo blah.

Wild lupins, lilacs, fall colours and lots and lots of greenery! Oh and lots of selfies.

Beaches, Beaches & More Beaches

Fine, I’ll admit that it is super pretty, but people here have really miss spending lots of money to fly to nice beaches. Wouldn’t it be cool if NB had nice beaches?

If you’ve never been to New Brunswick, let me share a fun fact with you. Our sandy beaches have the warmest waters north of the Carolinas. Moncton is a quick 15 minute drive to Shediac, which is just one of the amazing beaches in the province.

So how has it really been being stuck here during Covid? Honestly if I needed to be stuck in one place, I can’t think of a place that I would rather have been.

Sometimes being small, pays off big time! The four Atlantic Canadian provinces spent most of the pandemic bubbled together. Full disclosure, I was able to go to Nova Scotian in the fall for a quick weekend trip, so technically I left NB 😬

New Brunswick is small and sparse compared to other places, but because we are small, I think our people are more respectful and listened to the rules. These two factors helped us stay relatively safe.

For too long we’ve seen a “brain drain”, where some of our New Brunswickers have had to leave the province to further their careers or to find work.

But during the pandemic we have seen a large number of Canadians from larger cities flock to NB and make it their home. Mmm maybe we aren’t so boring and blah after all??


Liette (P.S. I moved back to NB in December 2019 and wow!!! Best move ever!)

Just a girl from New Brunswick walking in the forest with a crown of wild flowers 🌼🌸


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