Spring cleaning, but make it fancy!

In this post I am going to share my wild day spent cleaning my fridge, but I made it fancy! You maybe wondering how the hell do you make a fridge fancy? Keep reading to find out. You also maybe wondering why the hell you’d want to read about me cleaning my fridge? Fair point, lol.

I think this is the perfect time of year to start some spring cleaning, depending on where you live, it’s nice enough to open your windows and get some fresh air flowing, but not yet so nice that you want to be outside all the time.

Here in Moncton, they are announcing rain and snow showers for the long weekend, perfect weather to get started.

Some people love cleaning and scrubbing stuff, I am not one of those people. And one would think that since I am working from home and am home everyday…every single bleeping day!!! That I would have ample time to clean and keep things tidy. That would be a perfectly logical assumption to make, however that has not been the case.

I have been doing some spring cleaning, room by room. I started with my bedroom. I don’t mind doing laundry and folding laundry, but I seem to have a mental blockage when it comes to the final step of putting laundry away. So it tends to stay on the foot of my bed for long periods of time.

Last week I went through all my drawers and my closet and donated all the things that I no longer wear. This freed up space for my clean laundry to be put away and not to brag, but it’s been a week and there is not one item of clothing laying around not in its place!

Today’s project was cleaning my fridge. I didn’t take a before pic because, if I am being honest, I was a little embarrassed. I had a few leftovers that looked like science projects gone bad.

Step 1

Take everything out of your fridge and throw away anything with fuzz growing on it!

This was what was left after I disposed of my science projects. Besides moldy leftovers, there wasn’t much here.

I also checked the expiration dates on my condiments and chucked anything that was old. I also got rid of anything that I knew I would never use again.

Step 2

Wash your fridge, I am trying to use more natural cleaning products, so I cleaned my fridge with hot water and vinegar. Turns out vinegar and water is also a great jewelry cleaner, my ring is super sparkly.

I am not going to lie, I did struggle with adding things back into my clean fridge, lol.

My fridge is so white and shiny, it inspired me to make it fancy and healthy, but mostly fancy, lol.

Full disclosure my eating habits have been crappy as of late, so I thought the first step to healthy eating would be to clean my fridge and then fill it with yummy, healthy stuff.

Step 3

Ok here is the fancy part!

I’ve discovered that if I wash and cut my fruit & veggies right away, I tend to eat them more quickly, as opposed to having them rot in their packaging. I’ve also noticed that If you leave certain things in their original packaging they can leak and make everything dirty and sticky.

Soooo with that in mind, I decided to put all my washed and cut produce items in some of my pretty glass and plastic containers; hey why not use my pretty dishes in my fridge??

Here’s an example, see below, I used a thrift store Pyrex dish to hold my onions and garlic, their peels make a mess in the drawers, I had onion skin stuck in the corners of my drawer!!! I hate that!

I think it’s a great solution to help keep my drawer clean. Yes, I am aware that you aren’t supposed to put garlic in the fridge, but I am a rebel living on the edge.

Also, I think most people use their bottom drawers to store their potatoes? I don’t like potatoes, so rarely buy them. Fun fact, mashed potatoes are my number one least fav food, yuck!!! Funner fact, my mom would put a teaspoon of mashed potatoes on my plate every meal of my childhood; she said she thought that I would eat them one day and think they were delicious; nice try Jeannette.

My onions, shallots and garlic are contained to minimize shedding! Can we take a moment to appreciate how clean this drawer is?

I also started collecting, ok, I have two of them, white Fire-King bowls. They are similar to Pyrex, but are easier to find, in my area anyway. Instead of having them in my cupboards, why not use them?

I am using one to hold my baby Gouda cheese, which note to self, I have lots, I don’t need to buy anymore and the other to hold my frilly lettuce. Now I get to see them in use!

I am also using my pretty wooden bowl to hold my eggs. I bought two of these in Vegas and have used one once. It makes me happy to see it every time I open my fridge. Hey, I know it’s corny, but it’s been a rough year, if a stupid wooden bowl makes me happy, I am going to run with it!

Soooo someone told me I shouldn’t put wood bowls in my fridge that it can crack them…fine!!! Lol. I’ve replaced with another pretty bowl!

Who has a bunch of empty jars saved laying around? I do, so using a few for my cut celery and green onions.

I also got rid of a lot of crap, so now all my main condiments fit neatly in one spot.

I washed my berries and have them in a small white bowl, ready for snacking. I had four, yes four containers of parmesan cheese. I put them all in one pink container. Not sure why I’ve been subconsciously hoarding cheese? But now that I have a full inventory of my cheeses, I should be all set for awhile.

You maybe thinking, her fridge is freakishly empty. You aren’t wrong, I waste less if I go to the grocery store every few days. I live alone, buying too much stuff at once leads to things rotting and sliming.

I have made a list and will be going back to the super market shortly, I am also making a homemade soup as we speak and it smells delish, just trying to paint you a picture of what’s currently going on in my kitchen…you’re welcome.

I do realize that if you have a family of four or more with kids, it’s probably difficult to keep things organized. But having things out of their packaging is helping me see what I have and what I need, which should help me to avoid buying duplicates and triplicates, of cheese mostly, it may help you too?

Also having things washed and accessible helps me eat the things that I buy…so they don’t get slimy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my wild fridge organizing adventure, yup this is my life now! My suitcases are gathering dust in the back of my closet and I am getting excited over bowls!! Good times.

Thank you for reading! My bff’s and I have a new Instagram page: herstylex3, check us out, for more wild fun!! We post decorating, thrifting, painting…all the fun ings, lol.



Did you know that maple syrup needs to be refrigerated, but vanilla extract should be store at room temperature?

Oh and look! I also found a use for this peacock mini sauce thingy, I put my takeout soya sauce packets in it, they were under my Gouda cheeses.

I bought this because it was so cute, but never used it!! Until now…drop the mic, close the fridge and walk away. 🤣🤣

This is now my life, which is cool, I am fine, everything is fine.


  • Johanne says:

    I need to do this fancy cleaning, lol love it

  • Jeanne LeBlanc says:

    Read all your posts & love em..I’m just getting ready to clean my fridge and will use your technique!! I always have to throw stuff out or have doubles. Thanks & have a Happy Easter!! Hugs!!

  • Nadia says:

    I hate, hate cleaning my fridge and nobody really talks about that chore so kudos for tackling that mundane chore. Your spring cleaning paid off…your fridge looks absolutely great! I’m thinking a whole, bright red lobster would look fabulous in there now. Loved seeing what your staples are…I saw blueberry maple syrup that I haven’t had since my last visit to Moncton! I think there was a magazine that used to showcase a celebrity’s fridge and it always looked so neat and inviting (definitely rigged, right?!?), like I just wanted to reach in and grab a bottle of Tops Chico, something I had no idea was sparkling water from Mexico until that point. Your fridge made me want to do exactly that.

    Your posts are so fun Liette! I’ve discovered that you are the only person I know who doesn’t like potatoes like me. A bowl of mashed potatoes never spoke to me either growing up, but now I’m wondering if it was because they might have been the instant kind. Remember that stuff??? BTW, I’ve mastered the art of science experiments gone bad as well. If a long lost cup is found in a hidden spot at work, it’s a well known assumption that’s it’s mine and that something is growing inside. So you can imagine how my fridge can get. So, now it’s my turn to clean up my act. Thanks for the inspiration and enjoy spring peeking around the corner in your neck of the woods. Keep up the great posts!

    • oui-liette says:

      Thank you Nadia!! Here is more honesty for you, I once threw away one of my pots because I couldn’t stop gagging when I took the top off, lol. Now my set is missing a freaking pot!!!
      We may be the only two people who hate mashed potatoes? My mom made from scratch, but I never liked them. I think it’s the consistency??
      Thanks for reading and commenting, I haven’t been very inspired, but seem to be getting my jest back. Miss you!!

      • Nadia says:

        So glad you’re feeling it again! Your posts are so fun and inspirational…I’ve discovered so much by reading them, and always feel a bit closer to home especially when you explore the coastal area of N.B. and feature interesting things I’ve forgotten about or just don’t know about…like Post and Studs you featured a while back. Those earrings are fabulous! And those beautiful charcuterie boards. Wow, so very cool!

        I’ve got to tell you…seeking out the best lobster roll a few posts back was priceless…you found delicious and memorable places to visit and chronicle, and I have no doubt your ratings were spot on! I hope to get back to the Maritimes soon and get hommard earrings to eventually sport here…we’re so anxious for the borders to open up again one day soon so we can see our parents. You left LV just in time!

        Hugs, Liette! You are doing such a great job at inspiring people to connect and keep going!

  • Kelly says:

    Can you come over and do mine Letterman?? I’ll pay you in cheese 🧀 😋. Kidding aside, you gave me some great ideas and like you, if veggies and clean and cut, I’m more prone to eat them… Fresh and not half rotting lol… xo

  • Monique says:

    Very inspiring indeed! This feels like it could be a blissful activity; clean a spot and blog about how satisfying it is! keep it up, especially if it brings you joy 🙂 ps I get the thing with the wooden bowls…i have some and they are my secret faves..

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