Shop Local! Pis tanne moi pas!

A few facts before we get started:

  • For my English friends, tanne moi pas, means don’t bother/bug me or buzz off! Tannant is a pain in the butt, but is often used in a teasing, endearing way. Tanne moi pas can be inserted in an English sentence, pretty much any sentence. Example: I went to the mall and the man behind me was standing too close to me, man, tanne moi pas!
  • To order, if you can’t wait till the end, go to: , I will have more info at the end of the post.

You need to buy this shirt! Only available in a sweatshirt at this time, if it sells well, Lynn may offer it in a t-shirt? Y’a never know? Details on how to order are at the end of this post.

We all talk about how we love shopping local, in this post I have partnered with a local business woman and I would love for you to support her small business, just because she is awesome. Her name is Lynn and she’s kind of a bad ass, she’s had to deal with multiple life challenges that would have brought most of us to our knees, yet she’s still standing and most days, like 99%, with a smile on her face.


Meet Lynn and her main squeeze Leroy…oh and her husband Danny, lol

I first became aware of her and her company Dowd Street Studio, when I was living in Las Vegas a few year’s ago. I saw that one of my Instagram friends had gotten a bunch of sassy and chiac shirts. Being both sassy and at times chiac, I knew I needed to have one of her shirts.

(Chiac – is a French Acadian dialect that mixes English words with French and vice versa, originating in south eastern NB.)

On my next trip to Moncton, I visited a spring market and I bought a Right Picasse T-shirt. Her T-shirts and sweatshirts are top quality and super cozy and let’s be honest, we are now living a more casual lifestyle where comfyness is key.

Right Picasses means I am cranky, back off!! lol. We also use the expression: face picasse, which means cranky face, it may sound rude, but it’s teasing and endearing…I promise.

On a dark snowy wintery evening I reached out to Lynn to see if she would be interested in doing a collaboration with me on a sweatshirt design and to my delight, she thought it would be fun.

We decided upon: tanne moi pas, which means, don’t bother me or buzz off. We thought this was the perfect sassy tag line for our colab.

The shirts are a nice charcoal gray, the wording is a soft pink, almost white. That being said it’s a unisex shirt, I actually need to see it on a man!! I promise it’s not too pink, plus men can wear pink!

The sizing is also unisex and it’s meant to be big and comfy. The fleece inside is super duper soft. I love that she offers a variety of sizes from medium to 3X.

To order please go to:

Shirts are $58 tax included, 55% cotton, 45% polyester, its super soft!

Thanks for reading, you can also find Down Street Studio on Instagram.



PS – I am not profiting from the sale of these shirts, they stay with this small local business. I did get a free shirt, it’s my new fav!

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