Sharing Experiences (Brix Experience)

The new trend for 2023 is all about sharing experiences; after the last 2 plus years of virtual everything and being isolated, let’s do fun things together…like with real people, together, in the same room! (if you don’t live in Moncton, do a little research and see if there are cocktail classes in your area)

Brix Experience

I recently did two mixology classes at Brix in Moncton and it was so much fun!

If you haven’t heard of Brix yet, it’s a new business in the beautifully restored building on the corner of St George and Archibald in Moncton. Before we get into what they have to offer, let’s discuss the amazing job they have done restoring the building.

When so many developers are tearing down old buildings and building apartments, it was such a relief and delight to see someone take an old brick building and give it a new purpose; they did an amazing job on the outside and the inside is absolutely beautiful!!!

It’s a new concept for Moncton, it has a really cute cafe, but they also have a variety of experiences; culinary classes, wine, spirit & beer tastings and cocktail classes. Oh and they also have spaces available for special events.

Mixologist in training

My friends and I usually enjoy meeting for dinner, we love supporting our local restaurants, and we love eating, lol. Before Christmas I suggested we do something more interactive, so we booked a cocktail class. I had also just finished binge watching Mix Masters on Netflix, so I was primed to unleash my inner mixologist, lol. (Mix Masters is a mixologist show and they have two Montrealers on the show that you can cheer on!)

Did I mention they did an absolutely amazing job restoring this building? Fun fact, I used to get my hair done in a salon in this building years ago.

The area for the cocktail classes is decked out with marble floors and the most beautiful bar.

After meeting our hosts, we made our way to our cocktail stations and omg, it was set up with so many, pretty shiny things!

Meet Fernando, he was lovely.

Fernando, the resident mixologist, walked us through three different drinks. Sharing a bit of history and interesting facts along the way.

I loved the hands on learning…and taste testing.

Everything needed to make your drink is included in your station and after you have completed your drink, the group gathers around the main bar to sip, cheers and munch on little amuse bouche plates.

We made three drinks, which were accompanied by tasty bites that were selected to compliment each drink.

The first class I took we made Christmas Cocktails and the second were prohibition themed cocktails.

Each class will have you make and drink three different drinks, which if you are a light weight like me, may make you a bit tipsy; so plan accordingly, the staff is very helpful if you need a taxi, you can also leave your car there overnight if needed. It’s three drinks in two hours ish.

What I loved about this activity, aside from giggling with my friends, is that I learned some ligit bar skills that I will use to wow my next party guests.

They taught us how to properly use a shaker; how to seal it shut, then shake, shake, shake and hit the shaker in the right spot to break the seal so that you can pour your drink like a bad ass!

They also sell bar item; I bought myself a shaker and may go back to buy myself a proper jigger; or hey friends, you can buy me a jigger for my birthday, lol.

The other takeaway is to chill your glass by filling it with ice, but you pour out the ice before pouring in the drink. We also used strainers to make certain we didn’t have any ice in our glasses, so as not to dilute our drinks. The ice filled shakers made our  drinks really cold, so no ice needed in the actual drink.

This is an awesome date night or larger group activity, I highly recommend.

We had such a great evening at Brix, I really want to try one of their cooking classes next. To book your experience, go to their website and reserve your spot!


Thank you for reading! If you keep scrolling down you will see a spot to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you. Please let me know what other activity I should add to my experience list!!




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