Scary Shit! Old Abandoned Houses! A Fall Must.

I loovvvve fall! I love that the air changes and becomes cooler, but the sun stays hot. I love wearing sweaters and the crunchy sound that the leaves make when you walk on them.

Late September and early October are made for drives in the country and New Brunswick is one of the best places to admire all of the fall foliage. It’s also the perfect time to admire old abandoned, and who are we kidding, probably haunted houses! Ok they probably aren’t haunted, but for the purpose of this post, let’s say that they could be? And some of these old houses are scary as shit so…yeah they’re absolutely, probably, haunted lol.


I’m fascinated by these old houses, they’re beautiful and sad at the same time. This fall, don’t just drive by them, stop and admire them a bit. Don’t go in, they aren’t safe, but peek inside if you dare?

My friend Stacey and I stopped to take a look at this old house near Waterborough, NB. It still had curtains hanging in the windows and the front door was open, as if it was inviting us inside, that’s creepy right?

We aren’t those crazy white people in horror movies, you know the dumb kind, that go inside to “check things out”….mmm, but we did stop and walk a bit closer to “check things out”, oh crap! Maybe we are those people??

As we walked closer, I saw movement in the house through one of the windows. My heart skipped a beat, I looked closer, squinting, because I wasn’t wearing my glasses. OMG!! I saw a figure moving in the house!!!


Was it a freaky mutant or a scary ghost? Well, I don’t think that scary mutants have brightly coloured and freshly cut blonde bobs? At least they don’t in the movies. This old abandoned house still had a mirror hanging on the wall; I was seeing my own reflection from outside, even though I was pretty far away. I’m convinced it was the house trying time lure us inside.


Did we go even closer to peek into the window? Hell no! We weren’t falling for that trap. We got back in our car and drove until we found an ice cream place; ice cream helps calm your nerves after a good scare…it’s pretty much a proven fact.

This next story took place a few years ago and it’s super spooky, it’s not an abandoned house, but it’s 100% legit haunted. It takes place in The Keillor House in Dorchester, NB.


Keillor House is now a museum and I should add that it’s located next to a maximum security penitentiary, which is an old stone building built in 1880. So right out of the gate it’s a spooky area!

Every Halloween they turn the museum into a haunted house for visitors, it’s one of their major fundraisers.

For some reason, on a cold and windy night in October, I ended up at the Keillor House helping to decorate the carriage house for their haunted tours. For the record, that place is automatically scary at night without any decorations!

I took a bunch of pics throughout the night. There were three of us on the decorating committee, I made sure I was pretty much glued to one of them at all times. Did I mention it was a cold and windy night??

When I got home that night, I was looking at my pics. The pic below is a perfect example of how creepy this place is at night; those hatchets and stuff on the wall aren’t props, they’re real. And yes that’s a bloody baby on the bottom right of the pic, that’s a prop, obvs.


I took the pic above, then moved a bit closer to the bloody baby and took another shot. For the shot above, my flash didn’t go off, even though it was on automatic and it was clearly dark so it should have gone off.


For this shot above, my flash did go off, both pics were taken seconds apart. 


Did you notice the ghostly blur? I added an arrow to point it out. Sooo WTF is that?? It’s obviously some sort of ghost, it’s just floating there!!! 

That’s creepy right? I haven’t volunteered to help decorate since that night and meh… I’ll probably be too busy again this year? Lol. If covid doesn’t completely derail Halloween, you need to visit their haunted tour, if you’re brave enough?


Also in Dorchester, they’ve converted the old jailhouse into a hotel, yup, you can sleep in an actual jail. Adding it to my list of things to do, but I’ll have to check and see how many stars this hotel has? I am a bit of a hotel snob, lol, kidding…ish. The town of Dorchester should really market themselves as a Halloween town, maybe I should talk to their mayor? 

This next creepy house is an old farmhouse that sits on land owned by a friend; he’ll eventually tear it down as he is building a new house on the property.
It caught fire and was abandoned decades ago, sadly it’s beyond repair. I don’t have any scary stories, it’s just an abandoned farmhouse with lots of character…and probably a ghost or two?? Who knows really? Lol


Thanks for reading, I hope you look at old abandoned houses a bit differently, they can be beautiful. I wish they could all be saved and restored!



Here’s one of my past scary adventures, if you have every watched Ghost Adventures on TV, you’ll enjoy or if you just enjoy me when freaked out? Lol 



Behind the Scene

If you’re wondering about my feature image, I haven’t gotten extensions, it’s from my Covid birthday in April. This was going to be my party outfit for my girls trip to Palm Spring for my big birthday and since no one got to see it, I am recycling it for this blog post!! Unrelated side note, I miss my long hair, currently growing it out.

I did go back to Keillor House, but just to take this pic, I didn’t revised the carriage house.

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