Pumpkin Family Fun! You will laugh your head off…literally.

I’m always looking for fun, new activities to do with family and friends. These past two years have been such a blur, I feel like we need to amp things up in order to make things feel special and memorable. I think it’s even more important if you have small kids or if you are or have big kids.

I’ve been noticing videos on social media of people doing “the pumpkin head challenge”. If you haven’t seen any of the pictures or videos; it’s pretty simple, you carve a pumpkin and then put it on your head, lol.

The pictures are really funny and since it looks like Halloween parties won’t be happening this year…again,  I thought I would ask my bubble if they were up for the challenge? NB, where I live, is on a two week COVID circuit breaker, my bubble is my brother and his fam.

Turns out my brother and nephew were super into putting pumpkins on their heads, so yay! I think we are all just looking for a little excitement, lol.

I also challenged my friends Chantille and Kayla, the tree of us have been to many Halloween parties together and they always show up to slay! So it’s my fam vs the sisters, do I think that they are going to outshine my team? Absolutely!!

Even picking the pumpkins was fun, we each tried to find one that was the same shape as our heads.

The most important step is to find a pumpkin that is big enough to fit your head inside of it. Once we had carefully selected our pumpkins, we set up a carving station outside on my brothers picnic table. It was an overcast, mild, gray, creepy day, perfect for our Halloween activity.

This is a Jack O’ Lantern 🤣🤣🎃

It’s really, really important that you buy a few shower caps, like, really important. It’s wet and sticky inside a pumpkin.

As you carve you have to try your pumpkins on for size, which is hilarious! Jack above, tried his on without any holes for his eyes. He looked like Monica from Friends, when she put the turkey on her head.

I had no issues getting my pumpkin on, I did have trouble getting it off, which only made us laugh harder.

For the record, no one came to my assistance, they did however laugh and take pics. I ended up having to make my hole bigger.

Once done we were off to our first location.

Jack was a late addition to our pumpkin patch posse, he didn’t get the memo to wear black. And fun fact, who knew that pumpkins are so heavy? Not me, getting them to balance so you don’t have to hold them up with your hands took a bit of practice.

My brother went rogue and carved a creepy pumpkin, he went for psycho killer vibe…nailed it!

My brother was surprisingly into taking photos, he usually is not a fan, for the record my sister-in-law was working or she would have joined in, she is an artist and would have smashed this challenge!

Now that I look at Serge and Jack together, they both look like psycho killers, lol. We didn’t run into anyone while on this road, but omg it would have been so funny if we had, well funny for us, probably scary for them.

How pretty is this background? If this doesn’t shout fall…and there are a bunch of creepy,  probably psycho killers on the lose, then I am not sure what does? I made myself laugh because I was smiling in every pic, even though no one can see, I think it still comes across in the photos, lol.

Ok just a few more pics! Oh and btw I creeped my brother out in the pic above when I said we should hold hands, we are not the touchy feely type of family, so hey this challenge brought us closer, for a full 3 seconds.

I think this pic above is my fav, it’s too bad we didn’t have someone else come with us so we could have gotten a nice shot with the three of us. I am pretty sure my mom is getting this pic framed for Christmas….you’re welcome Jeannette!

To recap, this was so much fun! We spent 4 solid hours together talking and laughing, which is always the point of my posts and weird activities. With Halloween one week away, I really think you should do this with your people. In twenty years your kids, fam and friends will remember that day when you put pumpkins on your heads for a Halloween photo shoot.

At the top of my post I mentioned the Wareham Sisters, well here are their photos, they did not disappoint!!!!!!!

But before I share let me just say that my team went for vintage country creep and they went for urban haunted pumpkin dolls raving their way through the city, and who are we kidding, they were probably murdering people who got in their way.

Soooo this pic above was the teaser pic that Chantille sent me and I was terrified as I knew that they were going to kill this challenge!

They look like they are 12 and 14 in these pictures, but they are fully grown adults, who should be looking older by now…not fair, lol.

I asked Chantille if she knew this was a thing, the whole pumpkin on your head thing? She said she had not heard of it, but looked it up and was all in to kick our butts.

Sure they look innocent, but I am not so sure! Chantille did say they got lots of honks and looks while roaming Riverview.

The W Sisters could not be any cuter, Chantille said that she has not had this much fun all year, which I love to hear!

I am just going to let their pictures speak for themselves, but for the record Chantille is an artist and her sister is a teacher, but I am sure she was the creative director on this shoot!! You ladies are so awesome!

Saving the best for last, this is my fav pic of all! Well played ladies…well played!

With Halloween one week away, you still have time for some fun! I challenge you to try this! I can guarantee you will laugh your heads off! Thanks to Serge & Jack for always being supportive of my requests and Chantille and Kayla for absolutely slaying this challenge!




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