Marché des puces parisien

This post is about getting lost in one of Paris’ colorful flea markets.


We really lucked out on great weather! We lunched outside almost everyday we were there.

We set off early on Saturday morning to hit one of the many flea markets in Paris. We chose Pointe St Ouen, mostly because it looked like the closest and easiest to get to.


The metro was fairly easy to navigate; full disclosure every time I took the lead, we ended up going in the wrong directions. Lol

Once we arrived, I thought we had made our first Parisian mistake and that we were going to get robbed, lol.

We walked down an alleyway to rows and rows of cheap knock offs and junky kiosks. The vendors were loud and agressive. This was nothing like I had imagined!


This what not what I expected, don’t get me wrong, we did shop, we are professionals after all.

We stumbled upon a building and walked in as it looked more organized and calm; it felt like we walked into a completely different world.

From there we made our way back outside to a different area of the market, that was exactly what I expected of a Parisian Flea Market!

There were funky artists mixed in with antics and cool retro items. We browsed the vendor lined streets for hours.


We stopped to have lunch and sat outside so we could people watch while we ate.







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