1. 2018 Blog Year in Review

Ok so technically my blog has only been live for 6 months, but a half year in review doesn’t sound as sexy.


I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on my year…half year, and thank all who have read, liked, commented and shared my posts.

I launched my little blog in July, and in my first 6 months I have gotten a little under 50,000 views, but hey, it’s Christmas ish, so what the hell I am rounded it up to 50K! Merry Christmas to me!!! Lol

This success is mostly due to my NB post: New Brunswick, You’re Going to Hate It! This one struck a nerve and still gets 100’s of views some weeks!! But I am also just as proud of my others smaller posts.

Here are my highlights of 2018!

Fav Event

My favorite event this year was a Halloween post on how to throw a Wickedly Haunted Dinner Party. Why? Because I got to hang out with friends I have known since I was 14; we ate and pranced around my bffs backyard dressed like killer bunnies. How can that not be my fav event of 2018??? Lol



Want to jazz up a dinner party? Just add fun accessories, it doesn’t even need to be Halloween! This Christmas I bought reindeer sunglasses, we had so much fun with them!

Most Popular

If the picture below looks familiar it’s because it was plastered all over social media for a few weeks in July and August. It was shared and shared by tens of thousands of people. To quote my best friends teenage daughter: « even my friends are sharing… and they don’t even know her ». I couldn’t tell by her tone if she was impressed or annoyed? Lol

I owe my friends a huge thank you for this as I just shared on Facebook and it took on a life of its own.

This success confirmed that I have something interesting enough to say; I’ve never considered myself a great writer and still don’t, but I did think I had interesting things to say in a fresh entertaining way.

Fun fact, in the over forty thousand views and hundreds of comments, I only got two haters. I think those are great stats!!!


On my peak day, this post got 16,000 views in 24hrs! Freaky!

Best Trip

I travel a fair amount, probably more than most? My favorite trip this year was my trip to Paris with my good friend and work partner in crime for the last decade, Claudia. We booked this trip on a whim, she said, I want to go to Paris. I said, me too. She said let’s go and I replied, ok. FYI flights out of Vegas are way cheaper than out of Moncton!

We are both planners by nature, but for this trip we mostly winged it and had a marvelous trip!


FYI, Paris is always a good idea!! Lol

Fav Activity

My favorite activity of the year was tough, because I have done some super fun things this year. A close second was biking through the gardens of Versailles during my Paris trip, but the official winner is my camel safari with my nephew Jack.

Did you know that you can take a camel safari an hour and a bit outside of Vegas? Yup, you can!!


If interested and in the Vegas area check these guys out: www.camelsafari.com

What’s Next?

My goal for 2019, in addition to keeping my content fresh and amusing, is to learn what the hell I am doing, or what the hell I should be doing?

I have fellow bloggers who regularly share my posts with their readers, thank you so much for that!!! I am going to be asking them for helpful hints on how to better promote my site. But I must say, Facebook and all my friends out there have been very good to me this year!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

My ultimate goal is to grow this baby so that one day, maybe I can make money and be a blog supa star!!! Can I be a blog supa star in my late, late forties?? I plan on finding out and having some fun doing so.

In the meantime, please continue to read and enjoy my shenanigans. I really do appreciate and am touched and blown away by everything!!! You write and want people to read and enjoy your point of view, but when they do, it’s sort of mind blowing! Lol

So thank you for blowing my mind!! Lol

I hope you all have a very sassy new year!!




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