My mom, MJ, answers your relationship questions…boy does she answer!

Since we are leading up to Valentine’s Day, I thought it may be helpful to get some relationship advice for us, you can thank me later, lol.  

Who is MJ and what makes her qualified to answer your relationship questions? She’s my mom, but is also know as “ma tante Jeannette”, so MJ, which for my English friends, means my aunt. She was married to my dad for 54 years, he worshiped the ground she walked on. And before meeting my dad, she seems to have dated…a lot, lol.

Before you think she was some sort of flusie, she has explained that in her day, the “in thing” was to go to dances and you usually went with a date. I think she was a bit of a heartbreaker?

One could say that a 76 year old widow may not have any insight on dating and relationships in 2021, but one would be wrong, lol.

The idea for this post came from one of my friends who is always eager to ask my mom questions, she says that she always walks away feeling empowered.

My mom is a take no prisoners, shoot from the hip, sassy lady. As people submitted questions, I laughed and couldn’t wait to see what her answers would be; so let’s get started.

The juicier ones are at the end. 


How do you ensure that your man or woman won’t cheat on you?

So her first reaction was: “make sure you really want to know, because once you know you can’t un-know.”

« You need to really know your partner, if he was a cheater with his previous gf or bf, then he will cheat on you. To think they won’t do it to you is foolish, don’t be foolish.»

How do you find a good mate in 2021?

« You have to put yourself out there to meet people, you won’t meet anyone sitting on your couch. » (me – she obviously isn’t used to online dating, because you can 100% meet someone on your couch, lol. She did get an online dating question at the end.)

How do you keep your partner interested in you after being together for years?

“ Be interesting! Have a life and opinions. And make sure that he/she knows that you are the best thing that has ever happened to them and that they will be miserable if they were to lose you. You get treated the way you let them treat you. »

Should one confess to having a lot of self inflicted orgasms without their partner?

« No! It’s absolutely none of their business. »

What is a deal breaker for you?

« Not being a good father, I picked well with your dad. Really any kind of abuse is a deal breaker and I wouldn’t have married a big drinker. »

Should you kiss on the first date?

« Sure, if you want to, but you shouldn’t have sex on the first date, if you want a second. If you don’t care then do whatever you want. »

Who should pay for the date?

« Whoever asked should be the one who pays. If I was a career woman, I think it would be fun to say, I make more money than you to do so I’ll pay. I may not get a second date? But it would be fun to say it. » (me – my mom has always told me, make your own money, don’t be dependent.)

How do you stay true to yourself and not lose yourself in the relationship? 

« Don’t walk on eggshells and avoid topics, you need to speak your mind. You need to be able to talk to each other about anything, even if it means arguing. Communication is the big secret to a healthy relationship.»


So my mom has always said to me and my friends, that a man should love the woman a little more than the woman loves the man. Her reasoning is that women are natural givers and some give too much of themselves. So one of my friends wanted to know: How do you find this man that is going to love you more than you love him?

« Love is a game and you have to play it, if you are too anxious or willing to please him all the time he is going to take advantage of you; so set the tone early on, that you won’t put up with any bullshit. » (me – ohhhhhh ok, noted). (Also me – she didn’t answer the question of how to find them, but now we know what to do when we do find them.)


If you were single in your 40’s or 50’s would you be online dating?

« Well, when you get to that age (me – ok she is describing my age group) you don’t have many chances of meeting a mate (me – gee thanks mom) you should go where they are, so I would check out online. » 

Do you know what a dick pic is? 🍆😳

« Is it something to do with sex? Is it about the size of their penis? If so, seize doesn’t matter.» 

Me – no it means sending a pic of your dick via your cell phone.

After she stops laughing: « a sick dick pic, stay away from them! » 

Me – did you know that guys send those? « well yes, I’ve hear about that on TV. » (me – I think she may be pretending to be hip and in the know?)

Any closing thoughts you would like to share? 

« Just don’t take any bullshit from your partner, it’s better to be alone and happy than with someone who makes you miserable. »

Thanks to my mom for being a good sport and answering these hard hitting questions, lol. Happy Valentine’s week! I hope this advice helps to improve your love life! 

Let me know what you think of MJ’s advice, scroll all the way down to the comment box.



How cute are my parents on their wedding day!


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