May Two-Four Weekend

This post was inspired by a conversation with a US friend. I was trying to explain what our May long weekend is for.

It got me thinking about it’s deeper meaning and I think that the May two-four weekend may just be the most Canadian long weekends of all long weekends! Sure July 1, which is in fact Canada Day is…well very Canadian, but let’s pause for a quickie and examine the long weekend in May, plus Canada Day isn’t always a long weekend, it sometimes falls on a dumb Tuesday or Wednesday.

For my American friends who have no clue what the the May two-four weekend is, no, it’s not our Memorial Day. It’s technically Victoria Day, Queen Victoria’s birthday, which is celebrated on the third Monday of May, which makes it fall in and around May 24th. Side note many Canadians don’t know anything about Queen Victoria or care, we are thankful that we celebrate her, yay long weekend!!

So why do we call it May two-four if it doesn’t always fall on May 24? And why is it so Canadian? I am glad you asked, the long weekend in May is the unofficial, official Canadian summer kick off!

Also a two-four is Canadian for a case of beer, there are 24 beers in a case. Let me put it in context for you: Hey are you coming to the cottage on Saturday? Yes, do you need anything? Can you pick up an extra two-four?

So the May two-four weekend is THE party weekend, it’s like Canada’s coming out party, were we put away our tuques and dig out our flip flops. Some may think I am exaggerating the importance of this weekend, but I believe that it’s part of the Canadian psyche.

It doesn’t matter if you’re from Red Deer, Mosejaw or Gander, the long weekend of May symbolizes that you’ve survived another cold, dark Canadian winter.

When the weather cooperates, the May two-four weekend is the best!!!

By the time the long weekend in May hits, the  weather starts to get universally nice from coast to coast, so it’s time to party! And you don’t stay home to party, no, not on the May two-four weekend, you have to take it outside.

It’s the first big camping, cottage/cabin weekend of the summer. All you need is a campfire, a few  friends and some beers; you seriously can’t get much more Canadian than that.

That’s Colleen on the left, drink in hand ready to get the party started. This is one of the O Tentiks at Fundy National Park. We really roughed it, we had lobster on a picnic table overlooking the Bay of Fundy. That’s Mary Helen on the right in her plaid, keep reading for reason for the plaid.

Another May two-four weekend fun fact; if you’re a Gen Xer, chances are your parents and most of your aunts and uncles were married on this long weekend. It was the weekend to get married in the day, my parents and three other of their close couple friends all got married on the same weekend, the same year.

My parents look like movie stars, my dad had the best smile!!!

So pick up some burgers and steaks, fill the cooler with ice, stop at the liquor store to get a few two-fours of beer and maybe pick up some vodka and Clamato juice for Caesars before you head out of town.

Crank up the tunes and sing along to the Summer of Sixtynine and Patio Lanterns, while you cruise the TransCanada on your way to the beach or lake. Drive carefully, no drinking and driving, watch out for moose and most importantly, have a great May Two-Four!

Let me know what you have planned for this weekend, let’s see if my theories match what real life Canadians have planned, scroll down till you see the comment section.

muah! Eh!


This was a plaid and pearls camping trip, I love me a theme!! Lol


Our camping trips include matching hats…obviously. These are Camping Biatches 😬



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