Live, Love, Laugh-vender – Four Girls Lavender

I love doing new things and meeting new people; and meeting new people who are doing new things, lol.

Last summer we discovered Ocean Breeze Lavender Farm in Bouctouche, it was so pretty.

This summer I stumbled upon a Facebook page for Four Sisters Lavender and their budding lavender farm.

They are located at 24 MacPherson Rd, Colpitts Settlement, which for a girl from Moncton is Salisbury

What I love about this place is that it’s a U-Pick!! The Four Girls, who are the family’s four daughters, sell lavender bunches roadside and at markets, but I wanted to experience picking my own.

The property is owned by Alain and Krista Côté. Alain, an agricultural graduate from Guelph University, has been interested in growing the property for years. The originally thought was to plant apple trees, but farming is hard and expensive.

They decided to start with lavender, a multi-use herb, with the ultimate dream of eventually distilling the essential oil themselves.

Meet Krista

This new venture has been a family affair, the girls helped their parents transplant the plants twice, they are now in their permanent rows.

In the fall the plants needed to be covered with hay, which was a lot of work, lots of laughter and a little bit arguing before it got done. In the spring the rows were uncovered, pruned and six sets of fingers were crossed that the rows would green up as the weeds were cleared…and they did!!!


One of the four lavender girls working the market. What a great experience, their mom has been so impressed with how great they have become with customers.

The girls are also becoming very knowledgeable, which makes their parents very proud. They have become great front line sellers!

As mentioned above, farming is hard, bad weather can ruin your crop, starting something new is even harder.

The fields will be in bloom for the next two weeks or so, so let’s get out there and help support our local farming families!!

I didn’t use any filters on these pics, it is really this beautiful and I can’t even begin to describe the smell!!

Above is my cousin Nicole picking a big bunch of lavender. These fields are perfect for pictures, so get out there and get your pics for the Gram!

The aisles are also wide enough for strollers, come visit!!

I got a bunch of Instagram shots!!



P.S. I am drying one of my big bunches and with the other, I made a lavender crown; hey it’s been awhile since I’ve had flowers on my head, lol. I think I was overdue.


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