Lip Smacking Fun!

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I got to do something really fun. It didn’t have anything to do with gambling, drinking or anything else normally associated with sin city.

While shopping at the Fashion Show Mall, well it was more browsing than actually shopping, I happened upon a Lip Lab, by Bite. Side note, Bite happens to be one of my fav lipstick brands.

If you’re wondering what the hell is a Lip Lab? Well, you’re not alone, I wasn’t sure either, I did a double take and moved in closer to check it out.

A Lip Lab is a place you can go to create your very own custom lipstick. I didn’t know places like this existed, how did I not know??

The next day I called to make reservations for my friend Cindy and I. Needless to say I was a little more excited than Cindy, but she was a great sport.

Step one is to decide what direction you want to go in, are you feeling shy and want the perfect nude shade for every day or are you feeling bold & bright?

Once you’ve decided on your shade vibe, mine was bold, shocking I know, lol. You then pick the finish; matt, satin, luminous or sheer. I chose satin.

One of my fav things about Bite is that their lipsticks smell and taste delicious. In the lab you get to pick your flavor; lime, vanilla, mint or mango.

I chose lime for my first one and mango for my second, soooo I couldn’t decide on a final colour so I had to get two.

The final step is selecting a name for your lipstick; yes, you get to name your shade!! Ok, how freaking cool is that?? I am not going to lie, I always thought I could run my one lipstick brand and become a lipstick tycoon. Wow dreams do come true in Las Vegas!! Lol

In addition to finding a name for your shade, you can select a font.

Next is the fun part, selecting a few base colours to start the mixing. I wanted a nice deep cranberry/raspberry for fall.

These were my two kick off colours

They look a bit darker in this photo, they were pretty bright IRL (in real life)

Our lipstick chemist started doing her thing as we watched and I asked questions, I was pretty much nerding out the whole time.

Using a metal spatula she added colours to this card. Once measured out she scooped up the colours and mixed them together then put them on the card below.

She mixed three different colours for me. After trying the first, I asked for a little more pink, then after trying the second, I asked for even more pink, lol. I chose the first one and the last one.

This is what Cindy’s card looked like, above, she tried four different colours. She went for the top middle, she chose a sheer finish, hers is more like a lipgloss, it was very pretty on her.

Our lip chemist, not sure what they call them, but it’s a lab, so I’m going with lip chemist. Once we decided on our final shades, our chemist wrote down our formulas and started mixed them up.

On a scale she added each colour, measuring carefully, as per our formula. Then popped our containers into a microwave, then poured them into lipstick molds.

Mine are #1 & #2, Cindy’s is #3

They set for 15 min ish and you get to take them home!

My face was a bit of a mess and broke out while in Vegas. I had to wear my mask during the trade show. I am wearing my shade Pink Showgirl in thé pic above. They hand you a cue tip like wand so it’s a bit messy.

I named my shades, drumroll please….oui-liette is the darker shade and Pink Showgirl, I am wearing above. I choose Pink Showgirl because I do trade shows for a living so, I am in fact, technically a show girl. 🤣

Cindy let me name her shade, since I am in marketing. I named hers, Almost Naked, since it’s pretty sheer and we were in Vegas where people run around almost naked, lol.

If you have an hour to spare in  Vegas and you are a lipstick fanatic, this is a fun activity.

There are four Bite, Lip Lab locations in the US, Brooklyn, Soho, Irvine & Las Vegas. Their main factory is located in Toronto, if I want to re-order my custom shades, I can order from Toronto, yay!

Thank you for reading, I know it’s been awhile, it’s been a struggle getting back in my blog groove.

Is this an activity that you would consider doing with a few friends? Let me know below in the comment section.



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