Lip Blush, what the heck is that? Does it hurt? Does it work? Will it make my lips bigger??

In this post, I’ll share my experience with lip blushing and the questions I got asked by friends and family, feel free to ask me any questions you may have; let’s get started.

What is it?

Let’s star with what it is? It’s basically a tattoo; colour pigments are applied to your lips with a needle thingy that looks and sounds just like a regular tattoo needle thingy, lol.

Why did I do it?

The number one question I got was, why? You have great lips, why do you want to make them bigger? First of all, thank you, secondly, this will not make your lips bigger, but if you have tiny lips it could make your lips appear bigger, because it defines them. My lips are not bigger, they are just blushed.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love lipstick, I’m embarrassed by how many lipsticks I own. I blame my mom, she’s on the verge of turning 78 and still won’t leave her house without her signature red lips. Bright red lips are definitely in my DNA.

One of the many super fun things that happen as you age is that things start to fade, lol. I noticed that my lips weren’t as bright as they used to be. My lips are my strongest feature so when I am not wearing lipstick, I look blême, which is French for blah!

Ok this is a bad pic, but you can see my lips au naturelle!

Your lips also shrink with age, I am lucky that mine are big enough that I have a bit of extra lippage to spare. So that wasn’t what motivated me to try this procedure. My main motivation, and this may happen more to people with naturally bigger lips? When I do wear lipstick, I tend to get a dry caky line on my bottom lip, if I don’t reply during the day. I hate, hate that!!! (It’s the wet part of your lip that  meets the dry part)

So the thought of adding colour to my lips so that I could brush my teeth, slap on some gloss and go out without looking blah, was rather appealing.

I am going to take a pause here for a minute, if you are reading this and are now starting to get all judge Judy on me, please stop reading, go figure out today’s Wordle, this post is obviously not for you. I researched the pros and cons and then decided that this would be fun and frivolous, so I did it, Becky!! (Apologies if you are a Judy or Becky who is cool and none-judgy).

I did it!

I helped my friends when they first opened their chocolate factory, yes I have friends who own a chocolate factory, one of the guests who attend their first chocolate tasting, yes you can go and taste chocolate from beans all over the world, was a young lady called Renée.

Meet Renée

Have you ever met someone with a super positive energy and vibe? That’s Renée, she’s a beautiful, young woman who has her own successful beauty business called; Beauty Marks by Renée. I chose to get my lip blushing done by her. Please check her out on Instagram or her website: www.beautymarksbyrenee, she’s an artist, a cosmetic artist, mmmm and sometimes a little messy, lol, keep reading.

My goal was to enhance my own lip colour, I am not ditching lipstick, nooooooo! If I want a bright pink or red cherry lip, I have lipstick for that.

Putting colour pigments in water shows the colour well, plus it’s pretty.

Renée and I discussed what the best colour for me would be, she pointed out a darker section on my lips and recommend we go with that colour.

So many pretty colours!

Did it hurt?

The short answer is no, you have to do two seasons, my first session, I didn’t feel a thing, my second session, I think I inadvertently licked off some of the numbing cream, which tastes awful. I do not recommend licking your lips, lol. So I felt a little bit, but it wasn’t painful and she did re-apply more cream, she probably noticed I had licked some off??

Numbing session 1

First she traced the shape of my lip with a white pencil and showed me so that I was ok with the shape she was going to outline. She then layers on numbing cream and let me sit for a bit.

Numbing session 2

Getting ready

She then got to work! I would recommend you bring your headphones or iPods so that you can listen to music or a podcast, each session is a bit long, if memory serves me, my first session was just under three hours from start to finish. And it’s not like you can carry on a conversation, I mean your lips are being tattooed!

The colour goes on a lot darker than it’s going to be. I sat up before she had time to clean me up and, omg we laughed!!!

This made me lol so much!!

I couldn’t help it, I needed a selfie

After she cleaned me up, I was still laughing, I had seen a lot of before and after pics and knew that my lips would be swollen, but man! Where they ever swollen! I looked like a duck! I know some people love this look and seek it out with fillers, not judging, but that’s not my thing, but you do you Bella!!

This pic,  above, is right after my session, even my eyes look funny.

This pic, above, is when I got home, my face still looked a little funny and my lips sure are plump!!

The pic, above, is the next morning, my bottom lip was back to its original size, it took another day for my top lip to deflate.

This tracks the three days following my procedure.

There is a 5 day card so you know what to expect, it was very helpful.

It’s been a few weeks since my second session and I am very happy, it’s not anything that anyone else would notice, just because I usually always had some sort of lipstick or gloss on, but I notice and I love it.

After care is making certain that you have SPF on your lips, the sun can make them fade faster and the sun is just not good for your lips or face for that matter.

How long will it last?

It depends on the person, 1 to 3 years or whenever you feel like you need a little colour boost.

No filter, nothing on my lips.

Would I recommend?

I would! Do your research, make certain you select a qualified technician, whatever service you get, that’s rule #1.

Lips, no filter with a bit of clear gloss.

Thanks for reading, if you are interested in getting your lips blushed, I would recommend Renée, if you choose her, please tell her I sent you.

Thank you for reading, would you ever do this? Leave your comments below or let me know if you have any other questions.

muah! From my super cute blushed lips! Lol






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