Liette in London!

You’ve heard of Emily in Paris, make room for Liette in London! I was in London a few weeks ago for work, even though our days were very busy, I managed to pack in a few fun things in.

There are sooooo many fun things to do in London, here are my top five.

Dinner at The Coppa Club in a glass igloo!

I think I saw a picture of these during Covid and I decided that I needed to eat there. They are on the Thames River, with a view of the Tower of London Bridge and they were magical.

You 100% will need reservations, so plan accordingly and I believe each booking is for 2 hours, so it’s not the type of place that you can linger for hours.

My igloo was filled with my work crew, I made reservations for the night before we started our set up; as our last meal before the craziness.

The atmosphere and location were perfect, I had the pasta and it was delicious!!! Staci had the gluten free pasta; she loved, a few others had the steak and, I am going to be honest, although it looked tasty, I was very happy with my fresh pasta dish. I sometimes suffer from food envy (when you lust after what other people order).

The igloos are heated and come with nice blankets, so you don’t have to worry about being cold .

Check out the London Tower Bridge behind me.

Afternoon Tea at The Ampersand Hotel

I am certain that their are thousands of places in London to have afternoon tea and I am certain they are very lovely. The hardest part will be to pick one, but you must!

I was looking for a place that was a little different, with a hook, and I found it! I ended up booking us at The Ampersand Hotel, which is located “next” to The Museum of Natural History.

The hotel is very charming, I would love to stay here!

Their tea room is just off the front desk, it was lovely.

Full transparency, I don’t love tea, but I love the idea of tea. I had a few sips and then ordered a hot chocolate, but if we are being honest with ourselves, an afternoon tea is all about the food.

Staci and I decided that we needed fascinators, we ordered from Amazon UK. Mine matched my new blouse that I bought at Marks & Spencer’s 😀

Did I select this spot because they pour dry ice so that your tea tray looks like a space ship blasting off? 100% yes!! Because of its location, next to the museum, this tea is science themed. This was the adult tea, but they also have a kids version.

Can we just admire my eye for photography with this beauty of a shot please, thank you.

Look how pretty!!!! In addition to being pretty, it was also super yummy, my favorites were the scones.  You will also need reservations, for this place and most places, so plan ahead.

Our tea included chocolate rockets and astronauts, in addition to, colourfully cream filled, one bite planets, see below.

Italian Bear Chocolate

I love when people see or hear of a place and send me a text saying, you need to go here or, even better, this place is you. That’s how I found out about Italian Bear Chocolate.

My friend and coworker, Cindy, was on her way from Halifax to London when I got a screen shot from her saying, this looks like your kind of place. She was right! I checked them out on Insta and knew I needed to go!

It turns out they were located in the same area as our hotel, so I dragged my fellow showgirl, Staci, we do trade shows, in case anyone was wondering what kind of showgirls we are. 🤣

It’s a small restaurant, so we waited a bit before being let in. It was well worth the wait, we also got a good table, so yay us.

Did I need to get the hot chocolate with the cup doused in white, milk and dark chocolate? No, it was unnecessarily messy, but life is also unnecessarily, so I went for it!!

It was sooooooooooo gooooood!!!! I got the small, but could have easily downed the large even though it was super thick and rich.

They do have food, I got a charcuterie board for Staci since she’s not a big sweets person, this means more sweet stuff for me, so our friendship works well.

Fun fact, at the end of our table we’re three, super pretty young ladies, I am sure they were influencers. I thought I snuck a pic of them, but I guess I didn’t. I was drunk on chocolate.🤣

I plan visiting this place again on my next trip to London.

A Taste of London

I’ve heard lots of people say that the food in the UK used to be bland,  but that’s not the case now. Omg so much yummy food, so little time!

When traveling, I usually ask someone that works at the hotel that I am staying at where they eat, find out where the locals eat. It’s also fun stumbling onto a little gem. Just get out there and try new things, the best way to soak in the culture is by eating it! Lol

On this trip, I seem to have eating a lot of Italian and each dish was tastier than the other.

I already mentioned I had the pasta in the igloo at The Coppa Club; one of my fav spots near our hotel, in the London Tower Bridge area, is St Katherine’s Docks. It’s a quaint area with a bunch of restaurants scattered around the docks. My fav is a great small Italian restaurant called Emilia’s.

Emila’s, sooooooo good

Next to Emilia’s is a place called Zizi, which is another yummy Italian resto.


You also need to find a pub and have a fish n chip and ale pie.

See the Sights!

Even when traveling for work, I make a point to get out and see the sites, we have become great at speed shopping and speed sightseeing, lol.

Something fun to do is to visit the Museum of Natural History, and it’s free!!

We spent a good three hours, speed sightseeing, you could easily spend a day, we are professionals, lol.

The dinosaurs were very cool, but I think my favorite sections were the minerals and The Vault where they keep all the gems.

Get out and see the city! It’s especially pretty at night.

Don’t be afraid to get a little lost, just make sure that you enjoy the sights!

I hope you enjoyed this post, traveling is a gift, but if you aren’t able to make it to London anytime soon, be a tourist in your own area and check out your local sights!

I also love shopping in touristy shops!

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