Let’s Hang Out – An Easy Batty Halloween Party

In this post, I’ll show you how easy it is to throw a super fly Halloween bat themed party. It will work for kids and adults; I did a fun girls cocktail night. I’ll be sharing my invitations, decor, food & drinks and then a few party pics.


Invitation 🦇

I think that party invitations are really important, as they will set the tone for your night. I try to chose a quirky image or theme.


I love puns, so I try to find a theme that will accommodate my punniness. Since it’s a Halloween party, I wanted a theme that was a bit scary and what’s scarier than bats this year? Nothing!! I found these cute little guys and thought they looked like a bunch of mischievous trouble makers; which is perfect for my crew.

My party is a cocktail party and not a full on Halloween party.  I didn’t ask my guests to come dressed up. Some find dressing up stressful, so be mindful of that. I asked my guests to wear all black with red lips, I wanted all of us to be cute for pics and I wanted us to match; I’m a little batty for things that match, lol.

Decor 🦇

I want to show that you don’t need to hire a party planner or decorate your whole bat cave in order to have a fabulous looking party. Yes, I am technicality a party planner, but I’m willing to share my secrets with you, so you won’t need a party planner.

For my bat party, I am going to focus my decor over my dining table and on my dinning side cabinet thingy.

I made a Bat Chandelier Mobile to hang over my dining table, it was pretty easy and cheap! Here are the steps.

Step 1 – buy embroidery rings, you’ll need at least two. I bought mine at Michael’s, they were both under $5. You’ll also need black construction paper, black string or yarn, black paint, a brush, scissors and a hot glue gun or a hole punch; depending on how you want to hang your bats? I used a hole punch.

Step 2 – paint your rings black. I used black latex paint and a sponge brush.



Step 3 – To make my bats, I used these bats below, as my template. For my mobile I used the medium and large bates; put some tunes on and cut out some bats.


Step 4 – String em up!

I hung my big ring first, I attached it to the hook of my hanging light. Then I attached the smaller ring to the larger ring and then I started adding my bats. I went from big bats to smaller bats. My larger bats were hung on the larger ring and smaller bats on the smaller ring. The number of bats will depend on how big your rings are and how full you want your mobile to be; my rule is more is more!



It looks extra cool with the lights dimmed.


I hung my bat chandelier over my light fixture, but you can hang yours pretty much anywhere.

This is the white cabinet that I pimp out for parties; it sits in the center of my living area and is a great focal point. Please notice my brass giraffe, his name is Jerome, I try to dress him up for all my parties.


This area and my bat chandelier are the only two areas that I themed, but you’ll see that it’s enough. Oh and I do have one other special bat thing that is very cool, keep reading!…please and thank you.


I set up my desserts on my cabinet; create different sections so people aren’t all congested in one area. I had a bar area, my food on my dining table and my sweets here.

It looks a little simple in the pic, but with the lights down low it was really stunning. I started collecting old brass candle holders, I had 9 black candles burning and reflecting in my mirror. And I didn’t forget about Jerome! He kind of looked like a dragon with his bat wings.


Food 🦇

I thought about doing a sit down dinner, but then decided to have a heavy appetizer cocktail party instead; do whatever you have time for, it doesn’t need to be super complicated. I also chose to host my party on a Monday night, which may seem like an odd night? But the weekends leading up to Halloween can get busy with different parties and kid activities; Monday worked for everyone and my friends have no issues with drinking on a Monday night, they are troopers!

Spooky Charcuterie Board

Themes can get cheesy, but this charcuterie board is sophisticated and… ok, well technically it is cheesy, but that’s just because it has awesome cheese on it. I think it turned out looking rich and gothic.


I got my cheeses from a local fromagerie, Les Gourmants, on Main St in Moncton, shop local!!!
I wanted my charcuterie board to have that gothic feast feel, so after placing my board and bowls, I threw cherries and grapes all over the place, so my whole table served as the board. I added a purple cabbage in the center as decor and I added some beet juice to my hummus and used a big cabbage leaf as a bowls for my hummus.

It looked really cool, we ended up having way too much food, I usually send guests home with food, so none of it goes to waste.


Bat Balls

Mmm, not sure that name will catch on? Lol, my friends love my mother’s meat ball recipe; I need to come up with a catchier, less gross, name for them. They are pineapple meatballs and are one of my go to appetizers. You can make them ahead of time, which is great. In order to enjoy your own party, have everything done before your guests arrive.

I also made a Caprese Salad, available in small cups, and my famous clam dip.

Vampire Sangria

When hosting, you don’t need to offer a full bar, but it’s nice to have one drink to offer guests as they arrive. I made a pitcher of Sangria with blackberries, cherries and grapes; it had the same gothic feel as my charcuterie board.

What’s great about this vampire sangria is that you can fill your pitcher and your guests can serve themselves. I created a bar area, which also included ice, glassware and a few assorted soft drinks.

I made blackberry skewers and froze them. They look pretty and they help keep drinks cold.

When hosting, I offer drinks as soon as they walk in, refills are serve yourself. Try to have everything your guests will need in one area, so they can serve themselves.



A few hours before my party, I soaked my berries in a 1/4 of a cup of Brandy and then just before my guests started to arrive I added my red wine to the mix. It was sooo pretty and very gothic!


A few of my bat friends enjoying my Sangria.

A little bite of sugar

This vampire has a sweet tooth, but I’m not the greatest baker, which is no problem at all, since I am really great at ordering things. And lucky for me , one of my bff’s is available for hire; she makes the best cheesecakes! She made a bloody chocolate cherry cheesecake for my party; sooo…I may have just made up that name, but it totally fits!! It was the best cheesecake I’ve ever had and I’ve had lots!


Party Fun 🦇

I thought it would be fun to have a selfie/photo backdrop; I was inspired by those angel wings that people pose in front of, like these below.


But instead of angel wings, I made bat wings!! My sister-in-law drew the first one for me on cardboard and I cut and traced the second one. Once cut, I used the same black paint that I used to paint my rings for my chandelier.

They turned out really well and they were basically free; the cardboard was from a large box that was going to be thrown out. The hardest part was keeping my brother’s cat off the cardboard; I was the cat bouncer lol.


These turned out even cooler than I had hoped. Here are a few of my favorite bad ass bat chicks.





I bought a few cute bat masks for photos too, don’t my friends look pretty!!


I hope this post inspires you to host a batty soirée or afternoon party of your own? This theme would work for teens and kids parties as well; maybe swap the red wine and brandy with grape juice? Just a thought, lol.

Thank you for reading and for all my bat fiends who share all my posts, you guys are awesome!!



Here’s another fun party idea from last Halloween.




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