Joie de vivre…again!

Who’s ready to get back out there and…well be back out there?! I know I am. And although I tried to make the best of the past 15 months, it, at times, kind of felt like an empty blur of nothingness (drama queen alert).

I’ve noticed something interesting, now that we can do more, we’ve become so accustomed to staying in that some of us are going to need to make a conscious effort to get back out there. Here’s how I’m getting back into the swing of things.

1. Let’s reconnect and hug the shit out of each other!!

I feel like before Covid we were so busy, yes we were out and about, but I feel like we weren’t making enough of an effort to stay connected to our people, then Covid hit and we were even more disconnected.

Here’s my idea, let’s pick four people that we have been meaning to see, you know the ones that when you run into them you say, hey let’s go for coffee, but then you don’t book a date and it never happens.

During the next month, let’s make four coffee, dinner or drink dates, that’s one a week. I’ve already started and guess what? It’s super fun!

I reached out to my old high school friend André, who I often think of and tell myself that I really should call him and make plans. Well I called and we set up a date and it was awesome.

He’s the type of friend that when you finally get a chance to sit down and chat with, you end up chatting for hours. It’s really comforting to spend time with someone who has known you since you were young. We had a little gang in high school and university, we thought we were so cool. I used to drive all of us around in my dads van.

Soooo I should mention that André and his better half Robin are chocolatiers; I really do have the coolest friends!! Also part of my joie de vivre is to try cool new things; Robin made me my first cup of chocolate tea, so I got to catch up and hug André and Robin and try something new.

I don’t drink coffee or tea, but I am a chocolate lover, so how was the tea? It wasn’t bad, Iol. I had it with a chocolate chip muffin which is really sweet, the tea is tart, so the sweetness of my muffin made the tea taste tarter-er lol. I think I need to try it again.

They also gave me parting gifts, which I may start insisting that parting gifts be included in all my visits moving forward, lol.

More info on their chocolate making soon; they had been doing tastings before Covid and will be starting up again in the near future. I am going to do a blog post on chocolate tasting, yummy.

Next on my list was one of my fav people, I’ll call her Nancy, because that’s her name, lol, sorry but that line makes me laugh every time. Nancy and I work together, we used to travel together a lot, but we haven’t for years. We try to plan visits, but sometimes months go by in between our lunches.

One of our work trips, New Orleans, March 2014.

I called her and asked if I could come take a bath in her outdoor bathtub, she told I could come for a bubble bath anytime, well times up.

Nancy lives outside of Moncton in a picturesque village, her home is beautiful, it reminds me of an old farm house with a huge front porch. Prepare yourself for amazingly pretty pics!!

Nancy’s family thought she was a bit nuts for putting this old tub in her backyard, but it’s beautiful.

This outdoor bathtub was the inspiration for this post. It’s a reminder that life is short and if you get the opportunity to take a bath outside in a beautifully green backyard, you’d better take it damn it!!! Some may just see an outdoor tub, but I see it as an adventure and a metaphor for life. 😀

Nancy had this cast iron tub in her barn for a few years and finally got it set up next to her outdoor shower, she uses both regularly.

It was a lavender bubble bath with freshly dried lavender sprinkled on the bubbles and to bring it to that next level of lusciousness, she added this big purple floating flower.

I did encounter a peeping Tom during my bath, well it was more of a peeping Bee.

Meet Beebee, to be honest I think she just wanted to get in the tub with me. 🐝

I told Nancy her tub has a million dollar view. I want to go back in the fall when the leaves turn colours!

Not only did she invite me over for a soak, but she made me dinner as well!

This was the best strawberry shortcake I’ve ever had! She made the cake from scratch and it’s strawberry season here so they were fresh local berries, I am giving this dine and soak a 5 star rating!! lol

I have two other friends to reconnect with and hug this month. This is such a great idea I think I am going to keep it going. (If we are friends and you want to catch up with me, I have a few open spots! Please note I will be expecting homemade chocolate or a yummy dessert).

And before I move on from this one, can I just say that the best gift you can give someone is your time and attention, even if you are super busy and just have time to text a friend to tell them you were thinking of them, you miss them or you love them, you will make their day.

2. Treat yourself!!

Yes a lot of us have put on some Covid weight that we’re still trying to shake off; and yes it’s summer, aka bathing suit season, ugh yay!!

But it’s summer, yay!! There is a meme going around, it’s how to get a bathing suit body: Step one, put your body in a bathing, that’s it, there’s only one step. The point is, we need to stop bullying ourselves and give ourselves a freaking break. There is also a quote from Camila Cabello that I love, she is Shawn Mendez’ gf in case you don’t know who she is. Anyway she said: “being at war with your body is so last season.”

So do your best, eat healthy, move more and treat yourself, because summer is also ice cream season!!

If you want to be super efficient you could ask one of your friends, that you need to catch up with, out for an ice cream treat date.

3. Leave your house!

We are now free to travel, so pack up the car and take a toad trip. Let’s make plans to visit our neighbors in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and other exotic parts of the world…like Saskatchewan, lets go visit them too, lol.

Book a hotel room, rent a cabin or go glamping, there are so many cool options out there now, just get out of your house!

This is the new Sutton Place in Halifax, its fab!

Have you slept in a dome or a treehouse? I’ve done the dome and that’s my kind of camping, it’s not exactly roughing it.

Miramichi, NB has treehouses that you can rent, that’s next on my list. Fundy Park also has teardrops that you can rent and sleep in, I tried to book, but they are very popular, I’m hoping to book something for the fall.

This is Glamcamp, this is my kind of roughing it.

Check out what’s going on in your city or town. Festivals and outdoor events are coming back, it’s so nice to mix and mingle without having to be so paranoid. (I am fully vaccinated, please mix and mingle with your mask on)

Google u-picks and see what’s in season in your area, or visit a local farmers market or farm. Also check out food trucks in your area, there are a few new ones that I need to check out in the Moncton area. This is also a great way to shop local and to get your food from local, independent vendors, love, love, love!

Meet friends for drinks on the wharf or your fav patio. Captain Dan’s in is Shediac is a great spot, the food is as good as the view!

You can also get sweaty with friends.

My friend Stacey and I after a sunset beach yoga class, it was so relaxing. There also seems to be a lot of outdoor boot camps popping up, why not try a class? The whole point is to get out and do things.

There are so many kayaking and paddle boarding options in New Brunswick, living next to the ocean rocks!!! Speaking of rocks, my friend Alie and I kayaked around Hopewell Rocks a few weeks ago, it was so much fun. Check out Baymount Outdoor Adventures, to book a tour if you are in our area.

If you’re still weary of people, make some fury friends; Llamazing Adventures and Petitmore Alpacas are two great places that are not far from Moncton; they have the cutest alpacas and llamas that are just waiting to meet you.

Do a bit of research to see what furry creatures are in your area.

Let’s make this summer a great one, let’s try to reconnect with friends and family and be open to making new friends! And let’s remove the sentence “the new normal” from our vocabulary!! Let’s start fresh, while being safe and following all rules and regulations of course

Have fun, thanks for reading and if you have anything fun that you think I should try, scroll all the way down until you see my comment section.








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