Is it too early to give up on 2021? Asking for a friend.

Soooooo, it’s January 7th, we rang in 2021 quietly, without any big fanfare, hoping to ease into it without any trouble.

We tempered our regular enthusiasm that this was going to be “our year”, worried that we may have played a small part in the shit show that has been 2020; maybe we rang in 2020 with too many hopes and dreams? No, we weren’t going to have any part in jinxing 2021.

Let’s do a recap of 2021, it will be quick since it’s only JANUARY 7th!

The first day or two were great, we binged watched Bridgerton, which for any male readers who weren’t forced to watch, is a cross between a Jane Eyre movie, Gossip Girl with hints of Fifty Shades of Grey; it was lovely! lol

Then, a few days into the new year, reality crashed in when most civilized countries went back to various forms of lockdown. My own little part of the world, that had been one of the safest places to be for most of 2020, is now back in the orange phase, which for those who don’t follow the colour phases, orange is not good! We are back down to single household bubbles.

I am not going to spend much time talking about Covid, because it’s way too heartbreaking, but I will say that the vaccines that we were so excited about right before Christmas, now look like they are going to take longer to get everyone pricked than first thought.

Moving onto Tuesday night, Jan 5; all of Canada, settled in with our Molson beer, poutine and chips, to watch Team Canada play in the World Juniors Hockey Tournament’s gold medal game. For my non Canadian friends, this tournament happens every year, it usually starts on or around Boxing Day; and it’s the most watched hockey tournament of the year, every year.

Canadians, normally low key, humble and polite, allow ourselves to get a little cocky once a year. This year was no exception, our team was poised to bring home another gold medal for us; and long story short, we lost to the US.

Yes it’s a lot of pressure to put on our young team and for that we are sorry, we feel so bad for them, but mostly we feel bad for us…did I mention that we lost to the US?? I am not going to lie, we really like beating the US at hockey, like really, really like it.

And for those watching the big game, in my area, the emergency alarms on our phones and televisions were going off to alert us that there was some loser lose with a gun in our beautiful little city. So after double checking the locks on our doors and trying to keep our PTSD at bay, we resumed watching the game hoping it would be a positive diversion…ugh. Side note, he was caught the next day.

This brings us to Jan 6th, we woke up tired and a bit cranky, but we willed ourselves to power on and to make Jan 6 super great! This maybe a good time to casually mention that I started my “healthy eating” Jan 5th. I meant to start Jan 1st, but for various, super valid reasons, it kept getting pushed back.

Ok so it’s still Jan 6th, I am working from home, as I have been since March. I usually have my TV on with the volume very low during the day. I like hearing voices in the background, maybe it reminds me of being in the office with people? Who knows? I mute while on conference calls obvs.

My desk faces the window, so I have my back to my TV. I can hear the US getting ready to vote in their new president, or something to that affect. It’s basically white noise, I am not paying attention to any of the details. I mute the TV when my back to back to back conference calls start.

I am not sure if there was some sort of time warp or WTF happened? But when I finished for the day and turned around to see my TV screen, the US was being hit with an attempted coup. Like a third world coup… in the US…our neighbor.

My old, Jan 4th self, would have dove into a batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. My new Jan 5th self was stress eating carrots and sucking on individual chocolate chipits; my nightly treat is a tablespoon of chocolate, that may be TMI? I am not sure where the boundaries are anymore?

I am a fairly positive person by nature and at this very moment I am positive that I have no idea WTF is going on? But today, Jan 7th, the sun rose like it always does…ok, I am assuming it rose, it’s super cloudy out there, but it is bright, so going with; the sun rose! I am going to try to make Jan 7th the best day that it possible can, while self isolating in my house, alone with my carrots.

It’s still early in the year, I think we can turn this around…right?

Stay safe, stay sane and stay healthy! Thank you for reading.



(P.S. my blogs are not political or meant to be debated, this was an attempt at a tongue and cheek review of the first 7 days of 2021. I already feel better getting this off my chest, I hope you feel a little better after reading it?)

PPS I usually have super cute pics in my posts, but 2021 isn’t inspiring many cute pics so far.


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