Hello October!

Fall is my favorite season. I love when the weather gets cooler and the leaves start to change colours, then they fall and make that crunchy sound when you step on them. I even like that the days get shorter and it’s darker earlier; it just feels cozy.

Let’s Make a List

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I love making lists. I just find that life is so busy, if we don’t plan things, time flies bye so quickly and the next thing you know, it’s December and you didn’t even do half of the fun spooky Halloweeny things you wanted to do.

Let me help you do all the things, all the spooky, silly things, or at least a few of the things, lol.

Here’s my October list, full disclosure, I will be gone the first two weeks of October. I’ll be traveling for work, but I’ll try to do a few things on the road and then I am going to squeeze the shit out of the last two weeks leading up to Halloween.

The goal of this post it to help you set the mood and have fun doing activities that will help you create memories with your friends and family; are you ready?? Let’s do this!

Spooky Playlist

The best way to set the mood is via music; hey remember how much fun we used to have making mixed tapes; and how much thought we used to put into picking which songs to add in order to make the perfect mixed tape? (omg if you don’t know what a mixed tape is, go ask your parents).

Whether you’re carving pumpkins, crafting or baking, you’re going to need the perfect Halloween Playlist. If you have time, you can make your own, if not, I’m more than happy to share mine…you’re welcome.

I started my list with Annie Lennox, if you haven’t heard her rendition of, I put a spell on you, give it a listen. It’s got a cool jazzy vibe, which is the perfect kick off, see I’ve put a lot of thought into this.

I ended my playlist with Thriller, it’s sort of sacrileges, not to.

Crazy Halloween Photo Shoot

Last year I did the pumpkin head challenge and omg, we had so much fun. What surprised me the most was that people were really into it. I thought I would have to convince my fam to do this with me, but they all said, sure!

I also challenged a few friends and they had just as much fun as we did, if not more. Here are a few of last year’s pic, then I’ll share this year’s challenge.

My friend Chantille and her sister Kayla accepted the challenge and killed it!! My childhood friends Michelle and Shary, rocked it and my friend Cindy, crushed it.

Chantille and her sister Kayla

They clearly came to slay!!

This year’s challenge is the ghost bedsheet photo shoot.  I’ve attached a few inspo pics, feel free to go to Pinterest or Tik Tok for more.

This is just a fun and oddball thing to do with your friends and fam and it’s easier than last year’s. So I am challenging you to do it!!! Who’s game??

Spooky Cocktails

This one is easy and fun. You don’t even need to have a party to enjoy it. Experimenting with new drinks is alway fun, it’s a great date or group activity.

If you are having friends over, a Goolish Sangria is sooo easy, just add lots of blackberries, cherries and strawberries to a bottle of red wine and voilà! I’ve done this a few times and it’s a hit.

Or look up a fancy cocktail and star mixing. I am adding this to my October list, follow me on Instagram @oui-liette to see what my cocktail of choice will be.

I am going to be in Vegas for the next week, I am going to try to find a place that serves smoking cocktails like this one.

Freak Show

Gather your fellow freaks and spend some quality time together, that is the goal of my entire blog; to spend more time with your fellow freaks.

Halloween is a great excuse to get together, here are a few activities:

– Pumpkin Carving

– Fall Wine Tasting Tour

– Corn Maze

– Costume Party

– Trick or Treat Night

– Spooky Dinner Party

Invite friends over, tell them to come dressed in all black and paint your faces!

Don’t feel like hosting anyone at home? Make a reservation and show up dressed up!

I hope that there is one or two ideas in here that will inspire you, please make this month awesome, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take up too much time or effort; you got this!!



I wanted an excuse to show off my new blue wig!


  • Suzanne Leger says:

    Bonjour Liette, je regrette de pas être plus jeune et d’avoir plus d’énergie. Ton esprit de vivre et ton imagination sont exceptionnels.
    J’aime toujours lire de vos aventures,

  • Shondra Deloach-Perea says:

    Halloween my fav! Great article my friend 💋

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