Have yourself a retro little Christmas

I’ve been on a nostalgic kick for the past few months. Maybe it’s because I’ve had more time at home to reflect and reminisce…ugh, soooo much time at home!!

I started looking at old family photo albums, it’s nice to see young versions of our parents and grandparents. They all look so glam and fancy; I’m missing fancy these days, not enough to change out of my fav sweatshirt that I’ve been wearing since March though, lol. 2020 has definitely made us embrace casual and comfort, maybe a little too much?

This post is all about reminiscing about Christmases of the past and sharing those memories with your kids or letting your parents or friends share theirs with you.

Top left my aunt helping me put the star on the tree, next is me helping my mom decorate our tree. Yes that’s my dad spraying fake snow on our tree.. ah who misses fake snow? All these pics were Christmas 1971.

I love retro 50’, 60’ & 70’s vibes. It’s funny how I used to think that the 70’s were really the worst looking decade, but now I look back at pics from that time and I am digging it!

After I was done looking at family pics I started looking at retro Christmas pics; I happened upon pictures of women all dressed up sitting next to their Christmas trees. I love these, they aren’t just lovely ladies sitting next to trees, they are a snapshot in time. And I’d like to bring this fade back!

This is my mom, looking glam, sitting next to their tree. It was 1960, she was 16, omg love her dress!!

I was inspired to take off my yoga pants…temporarily and put on my fancy skirt long enough to take my own fancy tree pic.

I love old Hollywood blonde bombshells, I didn’t find any glam ladies wearing all black, but that’s pretty much all I have in my closet. I did my best to channel a retro vibe. If I do this again next year, I’ll find a red or pastel coloured dress.


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I swear to god my tree is bigger than it appears here, lol. My ceilings are so freaking high, it makes everything look small.


One thing missing from my tree pic was tones and tones of tinsel! Sure tinsel was made with led, which turned out to be bad for children and pets, but man it looked cool! And wow the phrase more is more certainly applied to the amount of tinsel needed per tree, it was definitely a look.

My friend Sandra got on my nostalgic train and dug out this pic of their tree in all its tinsel and garland glory, it’s awesome!!

I’ve posted a few of these retro pics on my Facebook page and I’ve had a bunch of people tell me that they’ve been looking at their old family pics too. One friend said that they will be digging out their old family home videos and will be watching them together, as a family, on Christmas Day.

Hey, how many of you remember those old, huge, film cameras with the bright light that made everyone being filmed squint? There was no sound, and when played back, it looked a little bit like everything was in fast forward mode.

I visited my friend Josette this week, she showed off a few of her vintage Christmas tree ornaments that have been handed down to her. It’s nice to have so many memories hanging on your tree; it also helps to remind us of those who are no longer with us.

How many remember these hanging on your parents or grandparents trees? I have two that survived and are hanging on my tree.

2020 has been challenging to say the least, but I think it has forced us to slow down our pace, giving us ample time to reflect. A lot of us seem to be looking back on our childhoods and simpler times. Perhaps looking to the past is so comforting at this time because the future seems so uncertain?

Whatever the reason, I suggest you ask your parents to look through their old albums with them and let them tell you their stories and really listen, it’s super interesting. And then sit with your kids and show them your childhood photo albums; I am certain that they will find it amusing to see you as a child and teenager. If you have special tree ornaments or decorations, share their stories, who’s they were, when they were given to you…

I think taking the time to look back on happy Christmases of the past is a really great thing to do this holiday season!



Bonus pic, I saw this photo, which was the cover of playboy in Dec 1966 and thought it was groovy and would be fun to try to emulate it? Then one of the Kardashians posted their version of it, so I decided to go ahead and try it too. I am not sure how well I did, but it was fun to play with lots of eye makeup. I had also back combed my hair a bit, but my pouffe didn’t stay pouffed, lol.

I had a lot of glitter in my hair, but it wasn’t nearly enough
so my friend added more digitally. I kind of look like a 60’s Christmas mug shot?? lol.
This is the original pic larger, I think she is beautiful, she def pulls off the green eye shadow.

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