Have a Sparkly Christmas & Glittery New Year!

I know that this holiday season has been a bit of an ongoing shit show!  I am so sick of downsizing plans, so I decided that a bit…or a lot of glitter would help make me feel better, and I was right, it did. I guess one should never underestimate the power of lipstick!

Even though I’ll probably be ringing in the new year wearing some form of stretchy pants, my top half will be festive AF!! My gift to you this Christmas is a tutorial on how to create a spectacular glitter lip…you’re welcome! And FYI, it’s not exchangeable, so you can’t re-gift it, sorry.

Whether you are attending a fancy dinner party, or staying home, here’s how to make it fancy.

What You Will Need

Lipstick, matching glitter, lip liner, eyelash glue, makeup brushes; wax liner is optional.

Step One

I personally love my wax liner, it stops your lipstick from bleeding out. I normally don’t use a lip liner, I find it adds volume to my lips that I don’t need, but for this look, I did line my lips.

I lined the outer line of my lips with my wax liner, then I added my lipstick. I then lined my lips with my lip liner, the liner just cleans up the edges a bit.

Step Two

Paint on the eyelash glue on your lips. I recommend waiting like a minute or so for the glue to get sticky before adding the glitter and do one lip at a time.

I started with my bottom, I saturated it with the eyelash glue, I used a small brush. Then the fun part, I used an eye shadow brunch to dab on the glitter, once done, repeat on your upper lip.

If you miss any spots, you can touch up afterwards. When you are applying the glitter you may notice that your lips are sticky. That’s good, but they will dry and then you will be able to talk and close your mouth without your lips gluing shut.

Once the glue sets you can drink, I would you a straw. I didn’t get any glitter on my teeth or on my face, my glitter wasn’t super fine. If you use the super fine kind, you may need a big blush brush to brush off any fallen glitter.

When your glitter fun is over, you can remove by using regular eye makeup remover.

Phone a friend and make some festive plans, this is the perfect lip for New Year’s Eve.

My lip phone was my inspo for this post.

I hope you are having the happiest of holidays, this time of year can be a challenge for a lot of us, be kind and check in on your friends. And when in doubt, add a bit of glitter.

I also have a video tutorial on my Instagram Page: oui-liette if you want to check it out.


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