Happy Halloween…Next!

Hi guys, I just wanted to chat a bit. I wanted to thank all of you for reading, liking and sharing my posts. I’m also really touched when I run into people and they mention that they read and enjoy my blog posts, you guys makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, merci!

October has been great! I feel like things are starting to feel more normal, probably because I got to travel back to Las Vegas and see my friends and coworkers. When I moved back to Moncton I thought I would be back there in a few months, fast forward to almost two years later!!!

I also got lots of Halloweeny stuff done this month which was super fun! I was looking back at old photos and man, my friends and I have done a lot of cool Halloweening over the years!! Maybe that’s why I love October so much? It means I get to do fun shit with my friends?

So here is a little wrap up of my spooktacular October fun!

Las Vegas Skeletons

I had a sleepover in Vegas after our big show, we rented a suite and just stayed in! Shondra helped me plan our soirée, which was a surprise Halloween themed slumber party. We ordered food in and then got to our special activity, which was to paint our faces to look like skeletons. When we showed the ladies the inspirational image they were like, mmm, yeah we aren’t makeup artist, but after a few drinks and a little help from Shondra’s spray gun thingy, they were impressed by how well their makeup turned our.

The thought for this party was that sometimes getting ready for a party is more fun than the actual party, so we got ready and stayed in. It was awesome to reconnect and be silly together, this was the perfect way to kick off the Halloween season!

Crazy Pumpkin Heads

Last weekend was jammed packed with Halloweeness. I made my first and probably last Tic Tok video. I had been seeing pictures of people with real pumpkins on their heads. They looked ridiculously, so of course I had to try it!! And honestly, it was the most I’ve laughed in the past year.

We went for a retro 70’s killer vibe.

I recruited my brother and nephew to be on my team and I challenged Chantille and her sister to a pumpkin head photo shoot off…and there may have been a little trash talking? It was a full week ago, so I don’t really remember.

I checked in with Chantille and her sister Kayla, they had just as much fun as we did; and who are we kidding, they won the challenge! Here are a few of their pics.

Kayla and Chantille went for a possessed dolls at a rave vibe.

My friends Michelle and Shary were inspired to try this challenge too and it’s safe to say they rocked it!!! I love seeing how creative people are.

Michelle and Shary rocked this Kiss of death vibe!!

Flock Off Party

Not to be outdone by Vegas friends, my Moncton friends and I had Halloween plans too. We had originally planned a spooky sleepover, but because of COVID, we settled on a dinner party.

This is one of my tricks, just tell everyone to show up wearing black and go from there; some people really get stressed thinking of and coming up with a costume. Life is too short to get stressed over something that is meant to be fun, so dress in black and add a prop.

I found these wings online, see below, I sent the link out to the ladies and told them to order. I wasn’t sure what we would be? I’m still not sure what we were, but flock we had fun! It was flocking awesome to see my chicks and hang out.

Fun Idea Alert!

Something fun that I did with both groups of friends is that we bought each other gifts; here’s how it works, if you’re 5 people, each person buys 4 of the same gifts and then each person will get 4 gifts. It’s sort of like an adult treat/swag bag.

For our dinner our gift theme was simple, we gave each other treat bags. Hey, don’t you find as we get older, women tend to get shitty gifts…there I said it, lol. Or we end up buying our own gifts. This new party gift idea is really fun and is now our new tradition.

And that’s a spooky wrap…next!

So that pretty much wraps up my October, what’s next? Christmas!!! I need to decide if I am going to do a Christmas card this year, I’ve been sending out kooky cards, but I haven’t been inspired yet, so we will see?

I also need a theme for my Christmas decor and I’m getting bored with our Christmas Eve format, I host my fam over. Soooo I’m thinking of ways to shake things up a bit. Yes these are the things that I think of right before Halloween, lol.

Hello November

I have a trip planned in November, I’ll be in Providence for a week, so the month is going to fly by. When I get back in town my friends should be opening up their new chocolate factory, I visited them the other day, it smelled like chocolate heaven in there. I’ll be posting on that, it’s going to be so cool.

I still need to plan out my Christmas content for my blog and then it will be time to start my lists of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice, lol.

muah witches!


Buy a “good quality” wig and have it forever. This one was $36, it has paid for itself a few times over, lol.



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