Ghosts of Halloween Past – Growing up in the 70’s & 80’s

Growing up in the 70’s, Halloween was a pretty big deal, for one thing treats weren’t a daily thing, so filling up your plastic pumpkin with free candy was awesome!! I have so many great memories, here are a few of them, let’s see if yours are similar.

Who remembers going to Woolco or Kmart to pick out their costume? They weren’t the fancy costumes they have today, nope, they consisted of plastic one size fits all onesies and a cheap, creepy mask.
My mom wouldn’t even let us wear the mask outside, because you really couldn’t see much with it on and bla, bla, bla, she didn’t want us getting hit by a car.
So all you had left was that plastic onesie, which fit over your snowsuit and ended up ripping in the crotch by the end of the night.
Choices were limited to a few options, their was a clown, a cat, an ugly witch and a devil…and maybe a bear or rabbit? Oh and the elastic on the mask would break before Halloween anyway, usually in a tug of war with your annoying little brother.

I am one year old in the pic above and you can see I have my lovely plastic costume over what looks to be my fuzzy pajamas. I asked my mom to explain my makeup, it looks like a pretty messed up cat. She thinks that I probably did it myself? Apparently I was very independent at a young age, shocking I know!
The following Halloween, I dressed up as; surprise, surprise, a cat! My makeup is slightly better…ish.


One of the best things about Halloween night was dumping your candy on the floor as soon as you got home in order to go through your stash! I wonder if kids still do that these days?
My cousin Ginette and I were pretty inseparable growing up, even our names matched. Side note, have I ever mentioned in any of my past blog posts that my mom’s name is Jeannette? Put them all together and you get Jeannette, Ginette and Liette, lol.
My mom would stay home and give out candy and my dad would take us out trick or treating, he’d carry our pumpkins for us when they got too heavy, he was the best!!

Ginette was a devil this year. Loving her unibrow!

Ginette’s on the left and I’m on the right for both pics, above and below. In addition to matching names, we must have had the same hairdresser; we always had matching hairdos! The one below is the classic 70’s bowl cut! Every kid had this cut, EVERY!!!! Boys and girls, it was unisex, this cut also led to me getting mistaken for a little boy many times.

The pic above is Ginette and I post trick or treating. I have no idea what we dressed up as this year? But I am thinking I may have done my own makeup again? The blue eyeshadow and crazy lipstick is very, “cheap floozy after a hard night of partying”. If my costume was a hooker, then I nailed it!!! Lol

1974 was an eventful year, my nanny made me a pink furry rabbit costume for a majorette concert and I wore it for Halloween!! Oh and I got a little brother that year too, but I am pretty sure that I was more excited for the pink rabbit costume. This may have been the beginning of my love of the colour pink?
I’m digging my dad’s plaid pants, in the pic below, with his yellow hat and hockey jersey; it’s def a killer 70’s vibe!

As we got older, our trick or treating posse grew to include more cousins and neighborhood kids. My dad and Joyce, our backyard neighbor, would take all the kids on our street out trick or treating; it became their regular annual thing. It’s funny how back in the day, if one adult was willing to take their kids out, all the other parents were more than happy to pawn their trick or treating duties off.

These were pre- helicopter parent days; we traveled in large packs, high on sugar, running from house to house, racing to be the one to ring the doorbell. Yes, there was some…ok a lot of pushing and shoving and yes, someone always ended up getting hurt. You fell or got pushed, you cried and then you were back in the race.
Your night would end with a runny nose, rosy cheeks and enough candy to last you a few weeks.
Those are some of my best childhood memories.

I found this pic of a cat mask and I am pretty sure it was the same that came with my cat costumes.

I spent the last few Halloweens in Las Vegas and man those kids have it easy! Can you imagine how awesome it would have been to trick or treat without needing your winter jacket or skidoo suit? They have no idea of the struggle of Canadian children.
One year, I was probably 6 or 7, I got a Barbie costume, which was a white plastic gown with the word Barbie on the chest and a mask that looked nothing like Barbie. Turns out the white plastic gown didn’t fit over my skidoo suit and it was a super cold night, so my mom made me wear it underneath!! This was such a traumatic event!! I still don’t think I’m completely over it. Thankfully, I have no pics of that Halloween.

Halloween Contest

I love seeing retro childhood pictures, they’re so cool. I’ve showed you mine, now I want to see yours! (Childhood Halloween pics, only!)
Go to my Facebook page: Oui-Liette and post a retro Halloween pic from your childhood for a chance to win one of my blog sweatshirts. Each person who posts a pic on my page will be entered to win. The winner will be able to pick your shirt colour with one of the three sayings: Oui, muah! or ah phoque.

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Apparently I still like dressing up as a cat, thankfully my makeup skills have improved!!



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