Fun with mud and chocolate!

I have two fun new experiences for us to try in this post. As per my previous post, this year we are gathering with our friends and sharing experiences and activities with them, in case you hadn’t heard, lol.

Now if you don’t live in Moncton, just  Google stuff to do in your city. That’s what I did for our next activity; I ligit Googled: pottery in Moncton. The Clayspace popped up, I checked them out and bam! I booked a class for my bff and her sister in-law.

Full disclosure, it’s clay and not mud, but mud and chocolate sounded a little more…catchy.

We booked a private pottery wheel lesson, they have three wheels; if you’re a larger group you can book a hand building class.

Anne, one of the owners, gave us a quick demo and then let us lose, the best way to learn is to get your hands dirty!

I had taken a wheel class years ago, where I successfully made a lot of mini dip bowls…like a lot! Lol. My goal this time was to make bigger bowls!

I did succeed in making bigger bowls, but they were, mmmm… a little wobbly, which Anne said was part of their charm, lol. I guess it will take more than one class to master the wheel, but oh my goodness it was fun.

The 90 minutes class flew by, we threw clay, spun it, chit chatted, got pointers from Anne and created unique pieces; some very unique. I’ve decided to name my collection: Beautiful Mistakes.

A few pieces from my Beautiful Mistakes collection. FYI to my friends and family, you can expect a piece from my collection next Christmas.

Once done you get to select the colour of the glaze for each piece. The studio will dry, glaze and fire up your pieces, then call when your pieces are ready to be picked up.

V’s bowl is a lot less wobbly than mine, but in all fairness, she’s an artist. What I lacked in finesse, I made up for in sheer number of pieces, I was on fire!!! Lol

We are still waiting to get our bowls back, I will share on Instagram when done @ oui-liette.

This was a super fun and chill evening, I highly recommend!

Our next activity is chocolate tasting At LaRouere, Moncton’s very own chocolate factory/boutique.

What’s so fun about this activity is that you get to try chocolates made from beans from around the world. Each region’s beans have very different flavors.

I made a joke that although we were in Moncton, each chocolate was transporting us to a different country. Our chocolate tour started in Venezuela, then we were off to Nicaragua, Thailand, Peru and the Philippians.

It turns out that Chocolate tasting is a lot like wine tasting; with each taste we tried to identify the different notes, some were fruity, some more earthy. Some had a quick flavor burst, while others creeped up on our tastebuds slower, but lasted longer.

The owners, André and Robin, are such great hosts and so knowledgeable. It was a lovely and tasty afternoon with friends!

You can contact them to book a tasting or pop in to buy some chocolate or hot chocolate @ 150 Weldon Street.

They offer tastings for small groups and larger groups of 10 to 12.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what I should experience next?!



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