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My friend Alie who likes camping…like in a tent…sleeping on the ground…with bugs, booked a lovely cabin in the woods with no electricity or plumbing for the long weekend in July. (it’s a 5km hike in the woods to get to the cabin…ok fine it’s only 4.4km, but for the purpose of this post, rounding it up to 5km for added drama).

After asking her sisters and probably every other camping friend/person she knows, all were busy, she apparently scraped the bottom of the barrel and asked me and our fab friend Dawn if we would be interested in joining her?

Being the good sports that we are, and having zero plans, we accepted her offer!


Our cabin has bunk beds but no mattresses, which seems dumb to me, but whateves. Alie casually listed a few things that I would need for our trip, like a sleeping bag, a small matt… A few days later I asked her to meet me at Cabelas. I told her I needed to pick up a few supplies; like a sleeping bag, air mattress and every other camping item she had listed.

We ended up going back to Cabela’s with Dawn a few days later, because, surprise, surprise, she also needed to get everything one needs for a two night camping trip.

Sooo I am not certain if it was our lack of camping gear or the fact that Dawn announced that she can’t carry anything heavy in her new backpack, we got matching backpacks btw, because of a shoulder injury? But one of those two things must have freaked Alie out, because the pre-planning Zoom calls were quickly scheduled.

Our last zoom planning call. Alie’s a private person so I am hiding her identity. Plus she may be wanted in a few provinces and four states??

For a bit of context, I plan events for a living, it is literally my job, to be prepared and make sure that everything and everyone is prepared. The only person who can out-plan me happens to be Dawn.

Let’s say that if I am a level 10 planner, well Dawn is a level 18!!! So the fact that Alie started sending us colour coded lists of what we will need and who is bringing what, was really cute and entertaining.

I mean yes I’ve become accustomed to valet parking, room service and fancy hotel rooms, but I have slept in a tent before…exactly once before! And Dawn is from Cape Breton, they are pretty hearty, resourceful people, I am pretty sure that is a proven fact. We got this!!

Not only do we got this, but we are going to show Alie how we camp! Pfff birch, please, we will be just pine!!! This is one of Dawn’s puns, she’s extra punny!

Keep reading to see how great we did!!

I swear to god, we only packed the essentials!!

Remember the part about Dawn having a shoulder injury? Well this was our solution, we packed her red wagon with our cooler and other heavy stuff.


I helped plan our menu, we ate well, there was no roughing it on my menu.

We arrived at the cabin just before 5pm, which was perfect timing because happy hour started at 6. Dawn made us whiskey sours, but since it was raining/misting and I kept making funny faces she re-named them Soggy Puckers.

They were actually very tasty, instead of using simple syrup, she used maple syrup, since it was Canada Day weekend and all. They were also, very strong, hence the pucker face.

Because of the rain, we couldn’t get our outdoor fire going. We actually did get it started, but it was more smoke than flames, so Alie concentrated on our indoor fire.

Mine’s the cute filet on the right. I marinated it before hand, it was yummy!!

Our first meal was BYOS, bring your own steak! I laughed when Alie opened the stove door and shoved the skillet in the fire, not sure if this is an acceptable camping technique? But my steak was cooked to perfection, medium rare!

In addition to having are steaks inside the stove, we wet the corn husks and added them. Oh and we added the potatoes in first as they took longer to cook.

We had one corn casualty, it sort of caught on fire, but the others were perfect. What a feast!

So that was day 1, day 2 started with pre cooked bacon, wrapped in tinfoil and pre-made egg croissants, wrapped them in foil too for easy re-heating.

These are easy to make, carve out the middle of the croissants, pour in scrambled eggs, add bacon, chives and cheese then bake.

On Saturday we hiked back into town and had a lobster lunch!!

Sure you can go to Fundy Park without having fresh lobster on the wharf, but I am not sure why you would want to???

We ate at Alma Lobster, you can get sides with your lobster, but we went big and just had the lobster.

We had a late supper back at the cabin, on the menu, camping nachos! We pre-cooked hamburg, which we added on top of nachos, then layered on green onions, cheese, salsa and a dollop of sour cream.

We had a, make your own nacho buffet, on the picnic table, delish!

If you only retain one tidbit from this post, let it be this; do not attempt to fit a jumbo marshmallow in your mouth, I don’t care how big you think your mouth is, it’s not going to fit!

We Jiffy Popped after our marshmallow s’mores-ing. The next morning we finished our camping trip with New Brunswick’s best sticky buns. We got a little wet on the hike out, which made these hot out of the oven sticky buns taste even better!!

This pic does not do it justice, it was delicious! I ate it right out of the paper bag.

The Fashion

Yes I know that camping is not a fashion show, but it doesn’t mean you can’t look cute. Here are my recommendations.

These are my new fav pants!  They are perfect for camping and they will be my new trade show set up pants. I bought a black pair and then went back for the kaki pair. They are quick dry material and have two zipper pockets that fit your cell phone and other stuff.

This is a look!! I call it Canadian camel toe, lol. These are the kaki pants with my Canadian moose socks and flip flops. It was cool enough for socks, yet I didn’t want to wear my hiking sneakers in the cabin, so voilà! Oh my outfits gets worse, keep reading.

It was cool and misty most of the weekend, I wore my Columbia thermal long sleeve shirt under my t-shirt with my fancy Eddie Bauer pants. I also brought this tuque with a built in headlight. I bought it at a hardware store, I thought it would be great to have in case of power emergencies, but it’s perfect for camping. Now I realize it is probably for camping.

Then this happened!!

These leggings were my weekend pajamas, since I was sharing a cabine with two other people, pants were mandatory. The camo print with gray leopard and  moose socks were a sight to see and now that you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it!! Lol

I packed a sweatshirt and a fleece zip in case it got cool. I had a baseball hat, but since it was on the cooler side I wore my tuque most of the time.

One of my best summer packing tips isn’t necessarily for camping, I have a small plastic container in the back of my SUV, it’s my summer emergency kit. It includes a bathing suit, old sweatshirt, underwear and socks, a hat, and an old pair of flip flops, all in their own ziplock bag. I also have an older pair of sneakers, beach towel, sunscreen and bug spray. It doesn’t matter what I do or where I go, I am covered!

It came in handy this weekend when we got soaked hiking back to the car. I did a quick parking lot change and I was dry and happy.

Matching socks are a camping fashion must!!!

The Fun!

When was the last time you did arts and crafts? It’s really fun! I brought a bunch of paints and markers and we spent a few hours listening to music, chatting and painting rocks that we picked on the beach.

Dawn looking for the perfect rock!!

How cute are these!! We each kept one as a souvenir, we placed the others on the trail, hopefully they make someone smile when they happen upon them.

This is a great activity for kids, big ones and small ones.

We put Dawn in charge of finding a few scary stories, we had story time. FYI, it’s way more fun after happy hour.

We had a great weekend!! Lots of exploring and giggling. I think Dawn and I did an awesome job, Alie was very proud of us, we are nothing if not great sports!! I think Alie was surprised that neither of us complained about anything.

Our friend Colleen was unable to join us, but we had fun including her in a few group shots.

There is still lots of time to plan a fun mini summer getaway, it doesn’t have to be expensive and you don’t need to go far.

Leave a comment and let me know one thing you hope to do this summer, just scroll all the way down until you see my comment box.

Thank you for reading, have fun exploring!



Our little cabin

This was my least fav thing about camping.

Nighttime trips to the outhouse! It was so creepy!!

Outhouse fashion chic, I wanted to share a pic with my lights on, lol.

Bonus Pic

I woke up early and looked over at Dawn’s bunk, she looked like a big lobster tail, lol.


  • Nancy Bulman. says:

    This was awesome – glad to read so much fun!! Did you do the tubing on the river up in the Miramichi ? I might have missed it!!

  • Suzanne Leger says:

    Bravo! You were very well organized. Another adventure to add to your story🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • Isabelle Sampson says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the minute-by-minute rendition of your camping adventure, it was almost like being there! with you all, you certainly ate well, I was impressed, and kudos to y’all for not letting the rain dampen your spirits! 😉

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