Chit Catting with Chuck

I few weeks ago, Chuck, a fellow blogger from New York, asked me if I would be interested in a video chat to talk about my blog?

His blog is called Chuck The Writer, he does something really cool each Saturday, it’s called: What’s Up in the Neighborhood. It’s a recap of great blogs, photos and podcasts from his personal bloggroll. He basically sources different blogs from a variety of topics, from travel to food, to lifestyle, to history…. and shares with his readers.

He has been a great supporter of mine since I started blogging. I’m happy that he somehow happened upon my little blog a few years ago and has continued to add my posts to his Saturday recaps.

He has started something new and fun, in addition to highlight blog links in his weekly recap, he is now inviting bloggers to chat with him about their blogs via video. I was selected to talk about my blog, I said sure! Our chat was posted this past Saturday.

Here is the link if you want to watch. 🙂

What’s Up in the Neighborhood, April 10, 2021


Fun unrelated, useless fact, I bought this sweatshirt at the beginning of Covid and have worn it almost everyday, sorry for anyone who is on zoom calls with me and has to see it, all the time!!

After you’re done watching, sign up for his blog and you too can get his Saturday recaps and much more!



Oh let me know in my comments below if you thought I blinked too much, lol.

And for my feature image I made sure to pic a photo that I am wearing the same gray sweatshirt. Nope it wasn’t taken on the same day that Chuck and I chatted, this is my new uniform! Wearing it again today!! (It gets washed regularly and I usually have a t-shirt underneath, in case you were wondering).


  • Nancy Bulman says:

    You did great with your video chat with Chuck!!! Did not notice blinking!!

  • Astrid Wade says:

    I really enjoyed your video chat with Chuck. It was nice to actually see you in “person”. I love the way you did your eyeliner. Your eyes looked so beautiful. Maybe you could do a video on how to apply makeup…Liette style.

  • Nadia Robichaud says:

    That was a great interview Liette! I love the support bloggers give one another. In a world of mass information, it’s great to see unlikely people connect with one another to promote each other’s sites and collaborate. I really enjoyed checking out Chuck’s blog and like him even more knowing he follows you and appreciates your work!

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