Winter Wonderland Dinner; The Perfect Holiday Theme!


Winter Wonderland Dinner; The Perfect Holiday Theme!


Tis the season for entertaining, so as long as you are having a dinner party, you may as well theme it!

Last Christmas Eve, my theme was Mad for Plaid, which was super easy to pull off. All you need is a plaid tablecloth, some greenery, cranberries, mason jars, candles, fairy lights and a few red balls, done! Mood set!


To take your theme to the next level ask your guests to dress accordingly. Last year my family and friends embraced my theme and showed up dressed in plaid; they were so cute!!


To revisit last years Mad for Plaid post, click here:

This year my theme will be A Winter Wonderland; here are a few ideas if you want to give it a try.

My dining table will be a mix of white and silvery things; and I have a fantastic idea for table place cards. Yes, I like telling people where to sit, lol, whatever, don’t judge.

My fantastic idea is to use photo snow globes instead of name cards. I bought a dozen on Amazon for $30.


These are super cute! I am going to have a picture of each guest on one side and for the flip side, I think I’ll add a corny message? My guests will be able to take these home with them as keepsake of our Christmas. These also follow my theme perfectly and they adds to my table decor.

For a Winter Wonderland centerpiece try one of these ideas, these pics are my inspirations.


Fill glass vases with silver balls or fairly lights, see below. You can get nice clear glass vases at your local dollar store, they are inexpensive, but will look fancy.


You can also just sprinkle some lose silver balls and lights in the middle of your table, either option will look festive.

To take this theme to the next, WOW, level try this!


Create a snowstorm above your table; seriously pretty, right? I did something similar a few years ago; mine were simple paper snowflakes that I hung from my light fixture.


When seated at the dining table with the lights dimmed, it was soooo pretty. Have your kids or family members help you make the snowflakes. It’s a perfect Sunday afternoon activity, watch your favorite Christmas movie and cut your snowflakes; my advice is more is more!!

I am hosting Christmas Eve and will post some pictures of my party on my oui-liette Facebook page. If you haven’t liked my page, what are you waiting for?? Lol 😁

Let me know if you think any of these ideas will work for you? I am also planning a holiday “cinq a sept” cocktail party in December. So stay tuned!




Author: oui-liette

Oui-Liette is a lifestyle blog that encourages its readers to say “oui” to new experiences and adventures in a sassy way. My name is Liette and I am a full-time professional events planner for a global company. I have traveled the world and lived in Las Vegas for four years; I am so happy to be back in New Brunswick, which is one of Canada’s coolest and least known provinces. My posts are a mix of party planning, home décor, travel and random goofy/silly adventures with a few heartfelt, feel good posts on occasion. What they all have in common is that they encourage us to spend quality time with our loved ones and to make memories. My goal is for my blog to be a positive and safe place to be, full disclosure I tend to swear a bit, I am positive, but sassy, some might say, positively sassy? Lol Muah! Liette

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